HVAC Contractors in Athens GA Have Debunked These Myths

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If your air conditioner or heating system is having issues, then you will hire the services of HVAC contractors in Athens, GA. You can select services, including cleaning, maintenance, inspection, dehumidification, installation, repair, and replacement. However, some myths about the HVAC system have been circulated by some that heavily affect simple-minded people. They start believing in the validity of these myths, which has a negative impact on their power of decision-making.

HVAC contractors in Athens GA Shunning These Myths

Have you ever wondered how myths are created and why people believe them? Myths are beliefs and stories that have transferred from one generation to another. Origin of some myths are based on made-up stories, but others might have some reality in them. Homeowners need to find the truth about HVAC myths discussed below by trusted companies. This is because the internet has a lot of false information.

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Skipping air Filter Cleaning is Affordable

Homeowners should understand that they can leave the HVAC running for a couple of months without cleaning the air filters. But at the start of the third month, you should prepare to clean the filters. If you follow this myth of ignoring air filter cleaning, they will become clogged, and the efficiency of the HVAC unit might be compromised. So, please keep checking the air filters and clean them when necessary.

Don’t Waste Time with Routine Maintenance

Some individuals have spread the rumor that HVAC maintenance should be avoided as it will waste time and money. They explain that no issues are found when the HVAC system is inspected. But they don’t have any explanation when there is a major breakdown. So, homeowners shouldn’t listen to these people and hire an HVAC repair company in Athens, GA, for routine maintenance.

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Turn Off the HVAC unit to Reduce Energy Consumption

You might be tempted to believe this myth and turn off your heating and air conditioning system when you are not using it. But experts will tell you that this act will consume more energy, so it has been advised to keep the HVAC system running and close only if you are going out for a long time.

Install a Large HVAC Unit for Effectiveness

A large HVAC unit will be effective in big places like commercial buildings and mansions. But many times, a few points must be considered when selecting the HVAC unit for a house. The installation team of HVAC companies like Superior Air Management will note the house size, the number of rooms, and which type of heating, cooling, and ventilation system should be selected.

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No Specific Place to Install the Thermostat

The thermostat should be installed without direct sunlight because it might heat the device. So, don’t listen to people who say that the thermostat can be installed anywhere. This means the thermostat’s installation should be avoided behind furniture and appliances and close to windows and vents.

Protect the HVAC Unit in Winter by Covering

You might consider covering the HVAC unit in the winter. This can be done for the indoor unit, but avoid covering the outdoor one with plastic wrap. You might think that covering will save it from ice, snow, dirt, and debris. But it will trap moisture inside, causing mechanical damage.

Use Duct Tape for Sealing Leaks

Duct tape can be used as the quickest solution for stopping leakage. But this fix will be temporary because it might be unable to prevent heavy leakage. Athens should arrange a permanent solution, GA, and HVAC companies. The best solution can be to replace the pipes and air ducts.

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Install a Thick Density Air Filter

A thicker air filter might become clogged more often. This will reduce the airflow because of the dirt and dust stuck in the filter. You have to remove and clean the air filters more often, and the HVAC system will have to spend a lot of energy to work. The HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, have suggested installing a normal air filter as the best solution.

These are the significant myths shunned by HVAC experts; so, homeowners can be aware of them.

Below are three questions explaining the HVAC system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it bad to turn AC off in summer?

Expert HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, have recommended keeping the system running because shutting it down and starting it again will spend plenty of energy. So, keep the HVAC unit running but adjust the temperature according to the weather outside.

What are the four types of problems in HVAC?

The four main problems faced by HVAC users are;

  1.   Poor indoor air quality.
  2.   Restricted or uneven air distribution.
  3.   Damage to both units causing leakage.
  4.   Short cycling is becoming a routine.

How do you diagnose HVAC problems?

The HVAC technicians will take different steps to diagnose a problem. They will check the HVAC unit for strange noises and smells and inspect the thermostat, filters, and circuit breakers.

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