How to use the forex calculator profit?

forex calculator profit

To statistically model how much money and value a trading position reflects, whether it is closed in either profit or loss, a Forex Profit Analyzer is helpful. It simulates a trading position that is opened and closed at knew exactly, showing the potential profit or loss in both dollars and percentage points (pips). 

Instrument: Traders can select from major, exotic, and minor currency pairings, worldwide stock indexes, popular altcoins, such as ADA, BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC, and XRP, and consumables, including Petroleum, Gold, and Silver. Let’s choose, for our instance, the AUD/USD combination.

Deposit money: It’s quite simple to work in this field. To have the computations converted to the currency of your trading account deposit, choose it. The forex calculator profit is used to calculate the profit in your trading. For example, we’ll use the Australian dollar as our deposit currency.

Enter the trading position, whether long or short and then buy or sell. Since we are simulating a long trade in this instance, we choose the buy position.

One common lot (trading size) in forex is 100,000 units; however, for non-forex pairs, the number of units in a lot varies. You can use lots or units for the calculations in this area. We’ll choose a trading size of 0.10 lot for our sample.

Provide an open cost for the deal. As an illustration, we’ll enter an open value of 0.75345 for our AUD/USD trade. The final column of the calculation is the close price. Just enter the trade’s closing price. We will enter a close price of 0.7585 for our example. The “Calculate” button is now selected.

Results: The profit calculator will determine the profit in dollars (converted from the previously chosen account base currency) and the profit in total pip gains. The results for trading is also same in the case of duplitrade copy trading platform.

As a result, in our example, starting a long position in the AUD/USD currency pair at 0.10 lots and closing it at 0.7585 will consequence in a profit of AUD 67.66 (profit in money) and a gain of 51 pips (profit in pips).

Why is using a calculator important?

Understanding a deal’s potential profit or loss is crucial when making trading decisions. Whether you’re utilizing SL/tp values or manually ending the deal, you can use our Forex profit calculator as a take profit or stop loss tool. Visit our position size calculator if you want to use a more sophisticated calculator to determine your profit and include the precise risk you want to utilize.

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 Instrument: Major, exotic, and minor currency pairings, world stock indexes, well-known cryptocurrencies like ADA, BTC, ETH, DOGE, Litecoin, and XRP, as well as commodities like oil, gold, and silver, are all available to investors. Let’s use the AUD/USD pair as our instance.

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How is forex trading profit determined?

Profit The difference between your open and close price in foreign exchange. You have two options when opening trade in forex:

Purchase and sale (short). With a buy sale, you must purchase a currency at a discount and sell it at a premium to make money. It would help if you sold a currency at a high price and then bought it back at a lower price to benefit from a sell deal. The duplitrade copy trading platform is also providing you the best experience for trading.  Using our tool as a gold profit calculator, for instance, you would make $100 profit if you purchased 100 pieces (a standard lot of gold) at $1890.00 and sold them at $1891.00.

How to Determine Profit and Loss

The actual method of calculating profit and loss in a position is very simple. You need the position size and the number of pip changes in the price to compute the P&L of a trade.

The position size multiplied by the price movement will result in the actual profit or loss.

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Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say your position in the 100,000 GBP/USD currency pair is steady at 1.3147. Prices increased by 15 pip if they moved from GBP/USD 1.3147 to 1.3162. The 15pip movement is $150 for a 100,000 GBP/USD investment (100,000 x .0015).

We must know if we were long or short for each trade to assess whether we made a profit or a loss.

Long position: If prices rise, a long position will result in a profit; if prices fall, a long position will result in a loss. Short position: In the case of a short position, a gain would result from a price decline rather than an increase in price.

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