How to style Dirndl for an Intimate Oktoberfest party?

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Dirndl is always a hit at Oktoberfest – every year, more than 6 million people gather at Oktoberfest Munich, wearing traditional Dirndl dresses and Lederhosen. Women around the world love an Oktoberfest Dirndl dress for its sheer beauty and splendor, and we at Lederhosen Store couldn’t agree more.  

A Dirndl is famous for Oktoberfest, but what to wear to an Oktoberfest party? And how to style a Dirndl for a couple’s Oktoberfest party? We have got answers for all of these and much more – stay tuned and let’s style a Dirndl for a couple’s Oktoberfest party look. But first of all, what is a Dirndl?


Dirndl is a three-part traditional Alpine-Bavarian dress – a dress that has been in use for centuries, even before Oktoberfest. The early mentions of the dress point towards Dirndl’s not so glossy but practical use by the Bavarian peasants – how so?

As the story goes, the Dirndl dress was used by the Alpine maids and farmworkers as a work wear. The rugged terrain of the mountainous region called for practical work wear that is easy to care for and robust in nature, so in came the Dirndl outfit – in all their glory. 

Oktoberfest Dirndl Dress Styles and Types

Dirndls have been in use even before Oktoberfest became a national and then a global festival. It is true that dirndls are now officially the authentic and chief outfits for women in Oktoberfest – but there are a few things that must be kept in mind while deciding which style to buy. 

If you are buying a dirndl for Oktoberfest we advise to steer clear of the Mini Dirndls – as mostly mini dirndls are for costume parties and Halloween dress ups. Generally the mini dirndls are frowned upon by the locals in Bavaria. But if you are buying the mini dirndl for an intimate couples’ or private party – have at it, as you make the rules at your private gatherings sista! 

Oktoberfest Outfits Female

Oktoberfest dress name for women – whenever you hear this –an image of a vibrant Dirndl immediately pops in the mind. Dirndl costume has ruled the Oktoberfest fashion ramp for centuries and only recently came into competition with the Female Lederhosen. 

Despite this fact, the Dirndl outfit is still the most popular choice of women when it comes to choosing Oktoberfest outfits for women. But how to style a Dirndl for a couple’s Oktoberfest party? 

How to Style Dirndl for a Couple’s Oktoberfest Party

You can rule the couple’s Oktoberfest party costume competition – we suggest you compete with your partner in an Oktoberfest costume competition – if you play your cards right. 

When it is about pairing a Dirndl, you have plenty of space to experiment, so innovate and repeat. Do take a breath, and know you can never go wrong with a Dirndl and its accessories.

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Dirndl Jewelry – Source some trendy Oktoberfest jewelry – inspired from Dirndl, Beer, or Oktoberfest itself. The Oktoberfest costume jewelry is your best bet. 

Dirndl Blouse – For a traditional Dirndl look, pick out a white lacy blouse and if you want to spice things up – just a tad – pick out a short black inner Dirndl blouse. However, for a couple’s Oktoberfest party, wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse or Carmen’s blouse is a sure way to heat things up 😉

Oktoberfest Shoes Ladies – Dirndl shoes for a private Oktoberfest party or a couple’s Oktoberfest party are a no-brainer. Pick out your tall stilettoes and watch Him squirm. Or wear authentic suede Dirndl shoes; it is all up to you. 

Dirndl Hair Accessories and Dirndl Hairstyle for a Couple’s Oktoberfest Party 

If you ask us about styling your Dirndl look for a couple’s Oktoberfest party – we highly suggest that you go all out. Hey, it’s a couple’s Oktoberfest party! – So treat it as such. Work towards a bold statement – sport a high ponytail with gothic makeup and hair accessories to match. 

If you want to go down the traditional path, braid your hair in a French or Swiss braid. Add in a fresh flower crown to complete your gorgeous look. You can find tons of hair jewelry in the market, or you can raid your jewelry box for inspiration.

We suggest putting on a metal circlet adorned with Edelweiss flowers or some other clip-on flower jewelry. The best part of it being a couples’ Oktoberfest party is that you can improvise your look as much as you want – so play around with your options, gal!

Tip: Go for shorter Dirndl skirt lengths and wear some stilettoes or block heel shoes at your couple’s Oktoberfest party. 

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