How to sell your software with digital marketing


It is not enough to have great software or application developed. A great online marketing strategy is key to any successful software company. It will help you sell software and scale your business.

This post will show you actions you can take to make your software more easily available online and how to grow sales of software.

Attract the right audience

This is an important point in marketing, but it’s often forgotten. Be clear about the audience that your software is intended to reach. This information will be used for your marketing campaigns, promotions, messages, and even the design of the software.

Create an SEO positioning plan that is targeted at your market niche or audience. You are wasting time if you don’t address your audience.

Manage expectations properly

It’s easy to forget this, yet SaaS vendors and developers often fail to do it. It is difficult to be realistic with clients’ expectations. Although it is natural to offer a free program or a trial period, it is important that you are honest with them and not deceive them.

Let clients know that they will eventually have to purchase the full version if you offer a trial version. Don’t assume that just because a client has registered, he will be paying later for your software. You still have enough money to pay your bills. Selling your product honestly is the best way to make money!

Eliminate subscription barriers

Long gone are the days of registration forms that contained millions of boxes or so-called “qualification obstacles”. You will notice an increase in the number of prospects every day if you reduce the fields on your registration forms.

Offer a demo or video

Demos or videos are a great way for potential customers to see what you have to say. Animations are great for explaining all functions of the product. Videos of employees and success stories can help to show the human side of your product which is often overlooked.

Your customers will be more likely to appreciate your software if they know the people behind it.

Show clients, you care about their concerns

It doesn’t need to be complicated to sell your software. If you provide the information needed to the right people at the right places, the marketing process will flow more smoothly, and your software will eventually sell itself.

Your potential customers will notice that you care about their needs and highlight the benefits of your software. Human connections are a powerful tool that will help you stand out from your competitors.

SaaS marketing shares a few similarities with other marketing types, but you will not find as tight integration anywhere else than in SaaS marketing.

It is not as easy as it appears to create online strategies that sell software. Although there are many details involved in marketing a SaaS product, once you have a strong online strategy and offer great products, your software will sell itself. 

To sell your software, you must consider the legal requirements

If you are looking to make an exclusive sale, we can help you with a sales contract. However, if you wish to distribute the product, you will need to have licenses.

If you plan to sell the software you have created, you must remember the license agreement. It is essential to provide clients with access to your software and to offer a maintenance service in return for a fee.

What should a license agreement include?

It is crucial to have a license agreement when a company develops or creates a computer program. This will ensure that it remains exclusive in its commercialization and control.


Data of the developer or owner of all rights to the software.

Scope for the contract

Software license agreements are not exclusive. Clients cannot assign the license to other people or companies.

The software will be used by the client on a particular computer or computer for a short time and with a restricted number of users.

The price

The price of the software is typically determined by how many computers it will be installed on and how many users will have access to it.

What are the obligations of this contract?

As the software owner, you are required to give access to any program or software you have contracted with the client. You must also ensure that the product works properly.

You will also be required to repair or replace any defective parts if a customer files a claim. If this is not possible you must return the money to your customers.

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