How to Put Multiple Links in Your Instagram Bio: Tools, Tips, and Tricks


Unlike other social media handles like Facebook, Instagram does not allow you to add any external URL link to an Insta post. All you can do is add one impactful link to your bio, and that’s all. So it is vital to have a strong bio with a link to get more followers on your Insta profile and refrain to buy uk instagram followers. Business usually adds a link to their website to the bio and directs the user to thiere websites, collabs, campaigns, etc. The question is can you add more than one link in your Insta bio or not? The answer is straightforward one word is NO!

Not more than one link in bio

Insta has strict regulations and rules for all types of external links. It never permits people to add any link in their post caption or bio. You must have seen a swipe up option on Insta stories, and it is only accessible for an account with 10k or more followers. If you like to avail of that feature, buy active instagram followers uk or read this blog. The Instagram bio is the only place to add a link to your websites, blog, collabs, etc.

Unfortunate, you can link once, and it is one of the unwritten Instagram’ rules. Hey! Do not disappoint by this rule because there is always a solution to the problems

The solution to Add Multiple Links to BIO

An effective online service called Linktree and others that you to make an impactful landing page. It is the place where you can add all websites with bespoke buttons. Users clicking on the URLs in the profile will open the landing pages where they find all website links. Once you get this, you need to add the Linktree page to the Insta bio, and that’s it.

SO are you ready to explore various tools and applications to solve these URLs issues? If yes, then here you go! This tool or service is free of cost or highly affordable, but they also have some exciting premium plans which offer valuable features.

1.   SendPulse Landing Panges

It is a user-friendly yet powerful application that helps create bespoke pages with URLs to the best content. You can add the link to this landing page wherever you want, like Instagram. Do you know you can also turn the page into selling means by incorporating the Buy Button?

You cna begin with a pre-made template and comes with your bio link from the beginning using an editor drag-and-drop. The best part is that you can also customize it as per the font style and colour of the business profile.

2.   Lnk. bio

This service for the link is not only simple but also aesthetically lovely means to link all your rescues and get the unique URL. Then the best part about is that it offers unlimited links choices. Do you know you can even add content or item you like to present on your Insta?

This service offers top-notch visual experiences with its lovely smooth UX designs to you and your subscribers. Do you know what makes it apart from other service providers on the internet? You cna now approach this tool via your browser by removing the need to install anything. It is a pleasure to see how your URL is doing and how several users have taped it. Here it has other exciting elements that link scheduling and make you get all benefit from it. 

Are you ok with some random URL? If yes, they will not you a single penny, but you need to pay for the custom link. It is 0.99 dollars or 9.99 dollars per month, and this is a one-time payment. Is not it the best means to have buyers than to buy cheap instagram followers uk?

3.   Linktree

So why don’t you make your link pop using visual effects and engaging animation? Here comes another might mean that makes you add multiple URLs in the Insta bio. The best part about Linktree is that you can have the custom link without any cost, and it is the best plan for newbies.

It is all because editor option drag-and-drop, designing and creating your URLs pages will take few minutes. Also, all of the stats lie within reach, and you can monitor your performance by hitting the button.

This tool has two plans for the users:

  • a free program that has basic features: Click and views stats, Unlimited links, etc.
  • Pro plan: it offers customisation choices, custom buttons, premium themes, etc.

4.   Leadpages

Leadpages is best for making mobile responsive and code-free landing pages the business can utilize to display their work. This mean is the perfect way to change your bio URL page into some top-class piece of art. Sell items, etc.

What makes it best among others in the sector? Its intuitive interface and  conversion-oriented approach and pro toolkit. If you want more, then it also gives the following:

  • A/B splits
  • real-time tips for conversions
  • dashboard easy-to-read analytics

If you are investing in buying real instagram followers uk, then get your hands on these tools.

5.   Tap Bio

It is an effective tool that permits usere to make thiere mine-site for the Instagram bio. Its resemblance with Insta Stores makes it unique among all other tools in the sector. In this tool user, can create slides with a similar pattern and much more. Now you can also promote your CTA or engage several buyers to your services.

Wrap it

With these nifty tools and tricks, you can share multiple links on Insta bio and get more profits. Your Instagram bio profile plays a vital part in bring more followers to you, and you need to focus on it. Many brands buy instagram followers uk, but the impact they still do not ignore the bio of their account. Add as many links to the profile as you want. All you need to get your hands on the tools mentioned above.