Chromecast GOM Players

A Chromecast works basically like a bridge between TV and our phones. It’s a simple way to connect a stream to our television. It is a little different because there was no short of television interference and remote. Chromecast GOM Players means streaming dongle made by google. It can be plugged into any kind of television and screened through a standard HDMI port.

GOM Player is a media player for computers, PCs, and smartphones. As the icon looks like a “Bears” paw, So in Korean, it is referred to as a bear. With this player, we can play video and audio without any lagging issues. we can see the screen mirror in this app on our Chromecast. It’s available to play local media players like windows, Mac, etc. You can also read about Breakfast Hours Time here.

Features of GOM Player

Here are some quick features of GOM players that will attract you. 

  • GOM Player is available on smartphones and iPhones.
  • GOM Player can be played through the right panel which is known as the mini web. In mini web, the trending videos and 360-degree videos on youtube can be played.
  • It has supported 360 videos on the GOM player in the mobile app.
  • Using the CODEC Finder service the main characteristic or feature comprises the ability to play broken media files.
  • Some videos are incomplete, the damage is not completely downloaded but it can be played.
  • The player supports 360 videos on the GOM player in the mobile app.
  • The performance of this player was newly upgraded and developed.
  • The name of the videos and subtitles are the same in this player.
  • Audio CODECS and embedded video included in GOM player.
  • The basic codec has the main advantage of making this an easy way for beginners who lack knowledge of codecs.

Supporting formats of GOM Player

  • Video format: .mkv., .mp4., .ifo., wmv.etc. Other video formats like .mv4., .mov., .rm., qt.etc.
  • Audio format: windows  .mp3, .mp4, .aac, .ogg, etc..
  • Subtitle format: .smi, .srt, .psb. ,txt. etc..
  • Playlist format: .asx, .pls, etc.

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How to Install GOM Player

  • From the play store or app store install and launch the GOM player.
  • Download and install the Chromecast streamer app.
  • Launch the streamer app and select Chromecast device from the list.
  • Next click the option connect to proceed to the next step.
  • Click the options screen mirror
  • Further, start mirroring the icon.
  • From the warning message click on the start broadcast option.
  • Then we can start enjoying and playing videos successfully from the Chromecast connect device.

Using Android: Few steps to Chromecast GOM players using Android

  1. From the play store download and install the GOM player.
  2. On your device proceed to settings and helm to search the caste menu.
  3. Select the caste menu to view nearby devices.
  4. From the list select the Chromecast device.
  5. Popup notification will appear on the screen and click on the allow option.
  6. Click on the GOM player to open and watch your favorite video which you want to play.
  7. Finally it will be cast on our TV screen.

What are the steps to Chromecast GOM Players using Windows

To Chromecast GOM player using windows, you should follow the given steps. In case you face any issue, use the comment section and we will provide you with a solution.

  • First install GOM player on your window PC
  • Then launch the chrome browser then right-click on the screen anywhere.
  • Pick the caste option then wait for the chrome for detection of Chromecast.
  • Next select the drop-down to sources and click the caste desktop menu.
  • Select Chromecast device to the mirror on the desktop screen.
  • Cut back on the chrome browser and loft the GOM player and watch your favorite video. 


To cast, the player to Chromecast connected tv or Chromecast built in tv in three different ways. pick the method which you want according to the device you own. GOM Player is a very effective way to play our local media files on the television.

To play the broken media file is included in the feature of the GOM player. The player also contains a specialized version known as GOM player plus it contains a 64 bit OS. It contains high quality resolution. 

Based on technology, this player is totally safe to install, download, and user-friendly to use this player. If we are done our player set up correctly it will make us enjoy and safer to use. This player is mostly used worldwide, available in countries like Japan, Spanish, Korea etc. In case you find this article helpful, kindly share this with your friends and colleagues.


How do I connect my GOM player onto Chromecast?

Firstly, connect your Chromecast and your smartphone on the same Wifi network and then download the GOM Player application from the Play Store right now. Lastly, the name of the feature can be different based on the model of your phone.

Do you have the ability to Chromecast your video player?

Simply click on the Google Cast extension icon choose your Chromecast and you will be able to Chromecast the tab you are currently in -and the video within it. You can also play the video with an alternative application that you have on your computer, like VLC or other media players. You can make the video play in full screen and play on your Chromecast.

Is GOM Player plus free?

GOM Player Plus has all the features of GOM Player ( Free version) but with additional features like 1. GOM Player Plus is optimized to work with 64bit OS. The result is even better clarity and speed.

Does GOM Player be used to play files in MKV format?

MKV is an open-source container format. It can store audio, video, and subtitles. As long as you’ve got the appropriate decoder to play the program you’re watching it will perform just fine.