How To Be A Master Of “Guerrilla Marketing”

guerrilla marketing
guerrilla marketing

If you are a professional marketer, you should know what guerrilla campaigns are. They involve activities that work well together, like digital, outdoor, print, interactive, mobile, and even social activities on the ground.

The best guerrilla campaigns use websites, apps, and different kinds of media. Every professional will tell you that a successful guerrilla campaign takes a lot of work, time, and money. It’s the main reason why you shouldn’t make a mistake in a campaign as important as this one. Putting together this kind of campaign will only work if you use the right professional tools and follow certain steps. Let’s look at the most important things that can help you make a good marketing plan.

Pay Attention to Your Gut

Most of the time, the best ideas come to you when you’re not ready and don’t have a pen to write them down. You should always pay attention to these ideas and never dismiss them. They can have a huge effect on your campaign. But now that we live in the digital age, professional marketers can use tools that help them figure out if a marketing campaign makes sense or not. So, you should trust your gut, but you should also double-check your plan with professional tools that can easily predict scenarios and how your potential customers will respond to your marketing campaign. It is a way to save money and avoid a bad campaign. You can use the Monetate tool to divide your potential audience into groups, study how the average buyer acts, or make sure your content is of high quality.

Encourage your team to come up with new ideas. A marketing department has many different types of people, such as creative directors, planners, writers, graphic designers, and ad buyers. Make sure your team works as a single unit, and as the team leader, you should encourage activities that help people come up with ideas. In marketing, you need to think like this all the time. Tools like Rovio and XMind can make it easier to come up with ideas and faster to run marketing campaigns.

Mastering a 360-Degree View

If you want your guerrilla marketing campaign to work, you need to be able to see things from all sides. The trick is to think of all the ways your main idea could come true in real life. By working in this way, you start to think about a lot of small details that affect the end result. If you don’t want to waste a lot of money, you have to always have a clear head.

Talk to the people on your team.

Many things happen behind the scenes when you start to plan your marketing campaign. Encourage everyone on the team to take part in every step of the process. Most marketing agencies use different tools for working together to divide up tasks and plan important events. WorkZone is a helpful tool that can help you manage your projects better. It lets your team members highlight some new ideas, leave notes, access files, and comment on media content. This will take your marketing campaign to a new level.

Put your campaign on the web.

After putting your marketing campaign online, you need to think about every conversation, comment, and feedback. You’ll get better results if you learn how to use social media monitoring and analytics tools in the real world. Brandwatch is the best way to get feedback, analyze emotions, find influential people, and spot crises early.


Guerrilla marketing isn’t easy, but if you can figure it out, you’ll be a marketing pro. It can help your company grow a lot. You can now see how important it is to care about your brand’s reputation at every stage. Let’s hope that the tips below will help you run the best guerrilla campaign ever!