How ServiceNow Enhances Customer Engagement for Manufacturing Companies

How ServiceNow Enhances Customer Engagement for Manufacturing Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed a shift towards digital purchases of goods, thereby positively disrupting the supply chain in the manufacturing industry. The shift allows manufacturing companies to enable an efficient and effective supply chain system.

Manufacturers in general, face a lot of supply chain challenges to meet the increasing customer expectations and world-class competition. The supply chain is practically designed to work as a system, so any wrong process causes the whole thing to stop working efficiently. To scramble (pardon the pun) your way through this minefield unscathed, you need to adopt smarter solutions for improved efficiency and less wasted time, effort, and money.

An End to Your Supply Chain Management Woes

The ServiceNow platform, a workflow management platform by Wipro in association with ServiceNow, provides a single-unified service platform for activities related to the value chain to meet the rising customer expectations at scale with a world-class experience. Real-time monitoring of business modules helps recognize potential bottlenecks before they occur and allow manufacturers to take corrective measures. It also provides in-depth analysis to ensure growth and efficiency at every step, ensuring identification of new revenue streams and boosting customer satisfaction.

The omnichannel platform digitizes the entire value chain by providing a world-class experience to customers. It gives resellers and your team one place to manage processes and touchpoints, enhancing the customer and supplier relationship. It drives customer engagement, creates a direct feedback loop, quickly resolves core business challenges, and minimizes waste.

It is truly a workflow transformation solution that gives an edge to manufacturers to rise above industry standards. Here are the main features of the Wipro-ServiceNow platform for manufacturers and supply chain managers –

  1. AI-Powered Chatbots

To drive customer engagement, offer a speedy resolution to the most common customer queries.

  1. Self-Service Portals

A personalized portal dashboard that offers a one-stop location to check status, initiate changes, or cancellations, track the payment of invoices, as well as provide feedback.

  1. Feedback Mechanism

Collect ideas from customers for ongoing improvements and efficiencies.

  1. Machine Learning

The workflow can automatically classify and route the issue, using machine learning, to the right people or groups in your middle and back office to respond in case of problems.

  1. Performance Analysis

Constant performance analysis of key indexes provides valuable insight into improvement potential, consolidating workflow and customer satisfaction.

  1. Streamlined Processes

Break down silos by eliminating redundant processes for optimum resource utilization.

  1. Proactive Actions

AI-driven algorithms predict and arrest customer production issues before they occur, ensuring that the product is defect-free and delivered on time for customers.

  1. Automation

Resource allocation strictly as per needs to reduce cost. Also enabling capacity enhancement by process automation.

  1. Real-Time Insights

Real-time insights provide a true level of control, ensuring disruption is minimized and attended to at the earliest.

  1. Eliminating Unplanned Downtime

Scheduled maintenance ensures that regular operation is impacted negligibly, causing minimum inconvenience to end customers and crucial operational processes.

Benefits of Wipro-ServiceNow Platform for Manufacturing Industry

Here’s how you can deliver service that drives customer loyalty and meets rising customer expectations at scale using the features mentioned above of the Wipro-ServiceNow platform –

  1. Improved Operational Efficiency:

With automated systems and cloud-based digital solutions, manufacturers can streamline process flows. This can accelerate the company’s overall operational efficiency, thus reducing unplanned downtime and improving customer satisfaction.

  1. Smart Supply Chain:

The platform provides digital devices that help manufacturers to collect real-time data to leverage/support predictive analysis and artificial intelligence.

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement:

An omnichannel customer service platform—offering portal, knowledge base, direct feedback loop, reverse logistics solutions, and online community resources from virtual agents. It gives you the ability to provide a one-stop solution that enhances your engagement.

  1. Eliminate Waste and Inefficiencies:

It connects people, systems, and workflows under a single platform. It eliminates silos and wasteful redundancies while automating repetitive tasks to improve service delivery, lower costs and achieve higher revenues.

Summing Up

Customer engagement backed by technology can help companies grow. Wipro-ServiceNow’s unified workflow management platform provides an end-to-end connectivity and management option. It analyzes a complex supply chain to predict disruption and increase supply chain efficiency. With the Now platform, manufacturers can unlock the full benefits of digital transformation with a unified system of action.