How National Payday Loan Relief Compares To Other Debt Relief Companies:

National payday loan Relief

One of the primary competitors to National payday loan Relief is Freedom Debt Relief, one of the largest debt settlement agencies inside the United States. We chose to compare these organizations since their product offerings are so similar.

The rate structure and qualifications those businesses require are identical, with every organization charging 15% to 25% of enrolled debt and requiring you to have at least $75 of delinquent qualifying debt.

However, there is more than one key variation between the 2 organizations, inclusive of:

  1. Freedom payday loan consolidation company Relief doesn’t offer its debt alleviation services.
  2. National payday loan Relief doesn’t provide its services in CT, KS, ME, NH, OR, SC, VT, and WV.
  3. You can attain a debt consultant or customer support agent seven days every week with Freedom Debt Relief.
  4. National Debt Relief doesn’t offer any phone help on Sundays.

Although the two groups offer a similar provider level, Freedom Debt Relief is more convenient to be had to its clients with cellphone assist available seven days per week, giving it a slight facet over National payday loan consolidation company Debt Relief.


National payday loan Relief doesn’t offer other services like debt consolidation loans or credit score counseling. Although its website affords a little information about these debt comfort options, it only gives debt agreement services.

National Debt Relief’s website consists of an expansion of loose calculators and other equipment you may use to manipulate your debt and you could even get right of entry to more than one loose eBook about budgeting and saving money.

National Debt Relief Options

National Debt Relief turned based in 2009 and is headquartered in New York. The employer is a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), a main expert association for the debt remedy enterprise.

National Payday Loan Relief can help purchasers negotiate most varieties of unsecured debt. This consists of credit score playing cards, personal loans, private traces of credit, and clinical payments. It’s additionally capable of negotiating the balances owed on collections and repossessions in addition to some non-public scholar loans and commercial enterprise money owed.

Even so, there are some sorts of money owed the company can’t help you negotiate which include proceedings, lower back taxes, utility bills, and loans to the government. Furthermore, National payday loan consolidation company Debt Relief can’t provide help for loans secured via collateral along with mortgages or automobile loans.

To qualify, you’ll need to be many months at the back of your payments. You additionally need to have $7,500 or extra in qualifying debts and also you want to be experiencing an economic crisis without a clean resolution as example, you recently lost your job, your income changed due to a divorce or death in the circle of relatives, you’ve got problems with the IRS, or you’re managing unexpected medical bills.

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