How is MBBS in the Philippines better than other countries offering medical education to Indian students


In the Philippines, the BS (Bachelor of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) are combined to form the MBBS degree. The most prestigious medical schools in the Philippines, like the University of Santo Tomas and the Davao Medical School Foundation, are distinguished by their gorgeous facilities, highly skilled teaching staff, and excellent educational programs. The tuition for an MBBS in Philippines is from 2.5 to 6 lakhs per year. The acceptable cost of living is around 12,000 to 15,000 Indian rupees per month. The quality of the education system in the Philippines, particularly for MBBS degrees, is highly regarded worldwide and is strikingly comparable to that of the United States.

Why Should You Consider Completing Your MBBS Degree in the Philippines?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you, as a student in India, might consider pursuing your future career in the Philippines.


While studying for an MBBS in Philippines, you won’t have any trouble communicating since the Philippines is one of the biggest English-speaking nations in the world.


Because it is both a popular destination for tourists from all over the globe and one of the busiest educational centers, you will have the opportunity to interact with individuals from all over the world.

Preparation for the USMLE Exam

The curriculum that is used in American medical schools has a significant amount of impact on the curriculum that is used in Philippine medical schools. As a direct consequence, passing the highly competitive USMLE test is much simpler.

WHO and the Medical Council of India both acknowledge the legitimacy of the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program offered by MCI Recognized Universities in the Philippines. This course is comparable to the MBBS provided in India and other Commonwealth nations.

A High Percentage of Students Pass the MCI Screening Test (FMGE)

According to the most recent data from the National Board of Examination (NBE), which is in charge of administering the FMGE exam, the nations of Bangladesh, the Philippines, Russia, and Nepal, amongst others, had the highest pass %.

There is neither a Donation nor a Capital Fee

No matter which Philippine medical institution you decide to attend for your MBBS education, you will not be required to pay any contribution or capitation fee.


The total Philippines MBBS fees for a five-year MD program (often up to six years depending on the institution) and the total cost of living is reasonable.

Numerous career paths are available.

After completing an MBBS program in the Philippines, it is much simpler to pursue additional education or a career in a first-world nation, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, or another such country, because the Philippines’ medical education system is modeled after that of the United States.

Climate and Curriculum

The weather in the Philippines and India are both classified as tropical. Because of this, the prevalent illnesses in the Philippines are also commonplace in India. Therefore, if you choose to pursue an MBBS degree in the Philippines, you would be instructed and prepared for the same circumstances you would face if you followed an MBBS degree in India.


The academic staff in the Philippines solely speak English, and a significant number of them come from other countries like the United States and India. Faculties in the Philippines only provide English-language instruction.

MBBS in the Philippines Eligibility

To be eligible for medical school in the Philippines, applicants must first get a passing score on the NEET test.

In addition, you need to have a grade point average of at least fifty percent in physics, chemistry, and biology from a recognized school or board.

In addition, without NEET, they will not be able to take the MCI screening exam. Even if they pass the test, they would not be permitted to practice medicine in India, even if they have completed the course outside India. Also, Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students are very reasonable.

Therefore, to get admission to any medical institution in the Philippines to pursue a degree in MD or MBBS, you will need to pass the NEET entrance test. This is a prerequisite for becoming a licensed physician in India.

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