Gotham Garage concept car sold (update) are you familiar?

concept car

Car restoration has been gaining popularity in recent years and Gotham Garage specializes in that. Gotham Garage concept car has been sold and that has created a lot of buzz in the car world. As car restoration is gaining popularity, people are starting to see the value in restoring old cars. Some people get interested while watching the famous car show Gotham Garage on Netflix. If you are interested in car restoration or the work of Gotham Garage keep reading.

Introduction about Gotham Garage:

Gotham Garage as the name suggests is a garage that takes old cars and modifies them into amazing concept cars. They are not your average car mechanics, they are creative engineers who create work of art out of old rusty cars. Gotham Garage is located in the heart of New York City and they have a good reputation for building amazing concept cars. They are so good at creating these engineering marvels that you can walk into their garage with an idea and I can guarantee you they will turn your idea into something magical.

Why is car restoration growing in popularity?

Car restoration is growing in popularity because a lot of people got excited by watching the famous Gotham Garage show on Netflix and wanted to see if that’s something that they can do and excel at. Second reason is that people love seeing concept cars and the possibilities that come with that, Gotham Garage concept car has been sold recently and that created a lot of hype in the car world. Finally it is a nice hobby to take on, you get to learn a lot about cars and that is going to save you a lot of money in the long run plus car restoration can be a great investment as well because old cars tend to sell for a lot of money if restoration is done right.

Gotham Garage Services:

Gotham Garage offers a variety of services that you can utilize to restore your car. You can get their help for a specific task or hire them to do the whole job. Gotham Garage has a team of very experienced mechanics who know how to build a car from scratch, from the hood of the car to its tail they can do it all. They also have the best metal fabricators in the business so if you need something special made for your project, they can help you with that too. They also offer classes on car restoration to inspire young mechanics and it gives you the opportunity to learn from the experts.

Did Gotham Garage sell their Concept Car?

There is nothing confirmed by Gotham Garage at the moment about the sale of its concept car but people are having tons of online discussions about it. Many aren’t happy that Gotham Garage concept car was sold because that car was the identity of the garage, others argue that it’s a small business and keeping the car wouldn’t be any use to them. This particular concept car was inspired by the Batmobile and it is one of the most popular design in the world today. 

While a lot of people are upset that the Gotham Garage doesn’t have their concept car, many believe that it will actually inspire others to make similar cars and it is good for the car restoration industry.

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