Getting ready for the baby

Getting ready for the baby
Getting ready for the baby

You are pregnant and happy. The day that you have been waiting for is finally here. But with the excitement also comes apprehension. You will now be responsible for another human being, which can be perturbing.

However, breaking into stress hives is not helpful, rather, it’s counterintuitive, and will lead to things becoming even more overwhelming.

Timely planning for the baby, readying yourself and your house can help you prepare for the upcoming new change in your life.

Visits to the doctor

Make sure that you don’t miss out on your visits to the best gynecologist in Karachi. These visits are vital for to ensure your health and that of the baby. Moreover, timely interventions, scans and checkups are also important to disclose anything that is awry with your pregnancy.


It is a misconception that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise and rest all the time. Unless your doctor has suggested otherwise, you need to partake in moderate exercise.

Try to do prenatal yoga and exercise to make your pelvic floor stronger, to aid in the process of delivery. Moreover, exercise also helps in lowering stress levels, and thus has a positive impact on the mood.

Divide the chores

Before the baby is here, try to ensure a system of division of labor. Remember, the first few days after delivery will be hard on you, so try that you and your partner get ample time off work. They might have to take more responsibility initially, but once you feel better, you can work on dividing chores equally.

Healthy diet

Making a baby and taking care of the baby is requires a lot of energy. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables that offer important nutrients. Avoid foods that offer calories but not nutrition, even though you may be craving for them.

Similarly, instead of fried, fast and junk food, opt for foods that offer health. Try to moderate your sugar intake, lest the problem of gestational diabetes rears its head.

Prioritize your sleep

Even though towards the end of your pregnancy, sleep may become rather hard, but it is still important that you try to get as much sleep as possible. You won’t be getting much sleep after you have the baby, so might as well try to pack in as much as possible.


You might feel overwhelmed by the prospect of shopping for the baby, or might want to buy everything in the store, but be practical. Many of the things are required for just a few months, and rather than investing in new, you may make do with borrowing from your friends and family.

Moreover, since the baby grows out fairly quickly, try not to invest in too many newborn clothes. Even though the cute and complicated dresses may look visually appealing, but they are hard to manage. Remember, the baby is dainty but will be pooping, a lot. So, for your ease, don’t get clothes that take too much time to remove and wear.

Also, ask your friends and family around for the baby utilities. Depending on your lifestyle, weather, topography, some things may be more important than the others. So, do your research considering your context.

Manage your stress

It’s natural to feel stressed, but you must take active steps to counter the anxiety in your body. Try to partake in activities that relax you, like reading, aromatherapy, yoga, arts, cooking etc. 

If your concerns are getting too much to take in, you may also benefit from seeking help from a mental health expert.

Selecting a hospital

Towards the end of your pregnancy, make sure that you have the hospital that you want to have your baby in sorted. Make sure that you choose a good place like South City Hospital that has qualified staff, a sterile environment, and is ready for any emergencies.