Top Five Advantages Of Air Freight By Transport Logistics Company

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Nowadays, sending your package or cargo from one place to another is not difficult. The world has different means of transportation set for different purposes. You can opt for road transportation to send a parcel inside a country. If you send a huge package but it’s not urgent, you can send it through sea freight. If you have to send a parcel of a bigger size inside a country, you can go by train, but if you have to send a parcel urgently in any other country, you can go by air freight. Whatever suits you the best. Have you ever dealt with freight transportation or cargo before? For anyone who is sending parcel or cargo internationally and worldwide, it is known that air freight will be used for this purpose as they are fast and reliable. International freights are famous for delivering urgent, time-sensitive packages with an expiry date. You know which mode to opt for if you have a package that would lose value if not sent in time. However, air freight has a few drawbacks, such as costs, weight, sizes, and types. The weather also plays an important role in air freight. Along with these drawbacks, there are many advantages and benefits. Let’s go through these benefits with Green Page Trucking LLC, a transport logistics company, and learn about the advantages of air freight in detail. 

Advantages of Air Freight by Transport Logistics Company

  • Reliability and Speed

One of the biggest advantages of air freight is its speed. In air freights, the packages and parcels get delivered on the same date and day it was sent. There is no delay in air freight unless there is a change in weather. This mode of transportation offers the fastest shipping and delivery time, so people consider it the most reliable means of transportation. For individuals whose packages are time-sensitive, air freights serve as the best means of delivery. You can also utilize ocean-to-air transport if you are shipping perishable products. It offers the best shipping and delivery options. 

  • Security

Individuals who have experience flying may think that airport security is such a hassle, but it proves to be fruitful when it comes to the security of transporting goods. In air freights the screenings of products and strict rules and regulations benefit the shippers sending their parcels by airplanes. In other modes of transportation, the cargo delivery areas might not be as secure as the air freight. According to the transport trucking company, the air terminals and delivery areas are highly secured and monitored, reducing the risk of damage and theft to your products. In air freight, very less time is needed for the transit, and the handling of the products is minimal, which keeps them safe. 

  • Served Locations

Another biggest benefit of air freight is its ability to transport goods and products from one place to another efficiently. It transports goods even in remote areas where sending products through any other mode is difficult. With the vast network of airports and airlines operating worldwide, air cargo services can reach destinations not easily accessible by rail, sea, or road transportation. According to the logistics trucking company, air cargo consolidators can offer services that enable transporting goods between multiple locations. These consolidators combine small shipments from various customers into larger and most-effective shipments. They can offer customers more frequent and reliable services and competitive pricing by consolidating shipments. 

  • Tracking

According to Transport Service Company in Arlington, VA, most air freight service providers offer web-based tracking systems that enable customers to monitor the status of their cargo in real time from the point of origin to the final destination. This provides customers great visibility and control over their shipments, allowing them to make more informed decisions and better manage their supply chains. With web-based tracking, customers can track their packages from the status of their cargo at any time, including the estimated time of arrival, any delays or issues, and any updates or changes to the shipment status. This information can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, making it easy for the customers to stay informed and up-to-date. 

  • Cost Of Packaging

Air cargo shipments often use lightweight packagings, such as envelopes or small boxes; it’s necessary to note that proper packaging is still critical to ensure the safety and security of the cargo during transit. According to a freight transportation company in Arlington, VA, the type of packaging required for air cargo will depend on the nature and value of the shipped goods. As well as the mode of transportation and any regulatory requirements. Special packaging might be required for air cargo shipments, such as temperature-controlled containers for perishable goods or hazardous material packaging for dangerous goods. These specialized packaging materials can be more expensive and require additional handling and transportation considerations. 

That being said, using lightweight packaging for air cargo can help reduce the weight of the overall shipment, which leads to saving fuel and transportation costs. Some airlines also offer lower rates for shipments that use lightweight packaging or have a lower weight overall. 

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