Four Signs of Pest Infestation Every Homeowner Must Understand

Pest Infestation

Homes are one of the most precious assets for everyone. Every homeowner wants to make sure that their home is always well-maintained and managed to ensure its safety and longevity. That is one of the reasons why homeowners spend millions on maintenance and renovation every year.

While you may be concerned about keeping your home up to date, it is easy to overlook some major issues, such as a pest infestation. It can be one of the worst enemies of your home’s stability and longevity. Therefore, it is essential to take timely action.

Although there may not be a lot of signs of infestation, you can get a better understanding when you look close enough. Every pest and animal has distinct properties that can alarm you about their presence in your personal space.

If you are not sure about an infestation in your home, these signs can help you be sure.

1. Pest Excrement 

Most pests get in action when you are asleep or outside your home. They want to make sure that their work is not disturbed. That is why you may never see a pest in action to call pest control. However, you can come across their droppings often.

Excrement is one of the telltale signs of pest infestation. When you see these droppings, it means that the infestation has already progressed to the next level. You can only expect professionals to take care of such matters at this point.

2. Frequent Footprints

The need for residential pest control can be determined by many signs. However, seeing frequent footprints in your home is one of the major signs of pest infestation by mice or rats. These footprints can also look like tracks if the infestation has progressed.

If these footprints match some common pests, try taking precautionary measures to stop the infestation. You can start by blocking the possible entrances and caulking the cracks and gaps in your property. You can also call residential pest control if the problem persists.

3. Damaged Belongings

Pest infestations are not just harmful to your health. They can also damage your precious belongings, such as wooden items and electrical equipment. Over time, an infestation can cause irreversible damage to your belongings and cost you a lot of money.

If the pests in your home are cutting through wires, they can also cause damage to you by biting or clawing in unexpected situations. Therefore, it is important to call pest control experts instead of taking matters into your hand.

4. Foul Odor

An extreme infestation can destroy the look of your home and garden. It can be unsettling to see these things in live action. However, visual signs are not the only representation of a severe pest infestation. Instead, you can also determine the presence of pests through a foul odor.

Remember that rodents are more likely to be represented by scents like urine. On the contrary, a cockroach infestation can be determined by an oily smell overtaking your home.