Flatbed Trailer Equipment – What You Need to Know

Flatbed Trailer Equipment

The flatbed trailer has become the most commonly-used trailer on the road today, and it’s not hard to see why. Whether you are hauling lumber from your local hardware store or shipping furniture cross-country, this type of trailer can carry just about anything and can do so at lightning speed. So let’s take a look at the common types of flatbed trailer equipment that you will see on the road today!

Tire Chains

Are you going somewhere with your flatbed trailer that requires extra traction? In that case, you’ll want to use tire chains. Tire chains can improve your load’s traction on ice and snow by up to 90% and are typically available in 7.5L or 10L size. Some drivers choose to use a combination of tire chains and spikes for optimal performance. As always, check with your insurance provider before using either option. They can make claims invalid if you aren’t properly equipped.


Tarps act as covers for flatbed trailers, protecting the product from inclement weather and keeping cargo safe throughout transit. You can search on YouTube for videos that cover what you need to know about tarping a flatbed trailer, including understanding proper cargo securing, how to secure loads using ratchet straps, and knowing how many tarp panels you need.

Corner Protectors &Vee Boards

Corner protectors and Vee boards are a piece of heavy-duty steel that connect at an angle to protect corners from damage. Each type of corner protector is suitable for its specific purpose, but you should install both types when loading a trailer if it’s required. An experienced driver can easily tell you what type of corner protectors are necessary for your load.

Winch Straps & Ratchet Straps

It’s almost impossible to transport a heavy item on a flatbed trailer without a winch strap. These straps are used when you don’t have enough room on your trailer for pallets and will be transporting that heavy or oversize load directly on top of your deck. All cargo is pulled up snug against its designated spot using these [winches], whether mounted in pairs near each corner or single units towards specific areas.

As explained by the experts at Hale Trailer, it’s going to be nearly impossible to prevent shifting and damage during transportation without one. Ratchet straps also come in handy with securing down loads that may not fit tightly on their own (such as plywood), so they won’t shift while being transported.


The D-rings come in handy when securing cargo via chains and straps. The D-rings are placed in two rows along either side of a flatbed trailer. Each row is spaced about three feet apart from one another. The distance between each D-ring pair varies between different trailers but is usually less than five feet wide. The size of each ring can vary, but they typically have a length of at least four inches.

If you need flatbed commercial trailer rentals, you should first consider getting to know your requirements and performing some research. There are many types of trailers available on today’s market, each with its own pros and cons – you should be familiar with each type before deciding so that you can select exactly what suits your needs best.