Five Services a Physician Assistant in OB/GYN Can Provide

Laurel physician assistant
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When was the last time you had an appointment with a physician assistant (PA)? If you are yet to visit one, the possibilities are that you will visit their premises at one point. Since obstetrics and gynecology diseases are becoming common recently, patients can benefit from a Laurel physician assistant due to the provider capacity to deal with OB/GYN problems. Under the stewardship of physicians, these healthcare providers guarantee comprehensive procedures for your safety. The following are five common services a physician assistant in OB/GYN may offer.

Ultrasound Examinations

Ultrasound exams are common and well-known for pregnancy; technology has been advancing alarmingly. A physician assistant provides these exams, which benefit the mother and the baby. Apart from being secure to both, it can see structures in motion. As a result, the provider can see the heart while in motion enabling the specialist to have a clear assessment of the development throughout the pregnancy. Ultrasound can also be used to examine the internal body without surgery.

Family Planning Counseling

Couples planning to have kids or desire to suburbanize their home can get assisted by a physician assistant. The process comes with several questions that require a specialist for assistance. A physician assistant can help you to plan as family planning helps you to delay having kids or space the time between births. The provider will recommend the medication options you can choose. On the other hand, the physician assistant will safely let you know how to use these prescriptions to avoid unnecessary side effects.


This procedure allows a physician assistant to evaluate your cervix and vagina’s wall for abnormal tissue. The provider will insert a special lighted microscope to magnify the tissues lining the vagina and cervix during the procedure. If the physician assistant notices an abnormality, they take biopsies for laboratory testing to check the presence of cancerous cells. In most cases, the provider recommends this procedure if a Pap test is abnormal.


A physician assistant can perform this procedure to freeze and damage abnormal tissue. Your provider creates severe colds using options such as argon gas or liquid nitrogen. You are more eligible for this procedure if you have skin conditions and some cancers, such as liver and prostate cancer. Under the physician’s guidance, the physician assistant will perform it without open surgery, allowing you to recover faster with little pain.

Vulva and Endometrial Biopsies

Your physician assistant can recommend a vulva biopsy to indicate abnormal skin appearance, determine the presence of cancer, or determine the right treatment for a skin condition. After the procedure, you will be advised to use triple antibiotic ointment and watch for signs of infection. On the other hand, endometrial biopsy is vital for addressing post-menopausal bleeding, thickening endometrium, and suspected endometrial polyps. Your physician assistant can help you during these procedures, so do not hesitate to contact them when in need.

Obstetrics and gynecology concerns, especially for women, are becoming more common, sending an awareness alarm to all women. Thus, regular examinations are essential to keep these conditions at bay. Unfortunately, knowing the right healthcare practitioner who can help can be complex and sometimes frustrating. One provider you can choose is a physician assistant in the OB/GYN. Under the leadership of their physicians, physician assistants can comprehensively address your concern. They will also help you understand the adjustment you need to make in your lifestyle to prevent these concerns in the future.

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