Everything you need to know about retired Pandora charms


Pandora charms are exclusively crafted jewelry pieces. The garden of Pandora charms include necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The retired Pandora charms are those jewelry pieces that are not produced by the company. Does this mean they are illegal? No. These jewelries may be antiques, which are old or used. They are seldom known for their traditional designs and history. Here is a complete guide on Pandora charms.

How to spot a fake Pandora charm?

When you find a Pandora online store offering 50% off on its charm items, it is probably fake. How to check if the Pandora charm is fake? Most of the fake Pandora charms are silver in color. They tarnish quickly. Also, the workmanship in such fake products is poor. They irritate your skin and this makes them the cheapest possible. Also, the fake Pandora products are not covered with any warranties and guarantees.

Do all Pandora charms fit the bracelets?

Pandora has been selling four bracelets concepts. They are Pandora Reflexions, Pandora Moments, Pandora Me and Pandora Essence. You may not find all the four concepts if you buying retired Pandora charms. This is because some of them are newly launched.

How to organize Pandora charms?

  • Layout the charms.
  • Order them in your preferred style
  • Take a skewer and insert the charms in the planned order
  • Guide the skewer while inserting to know if the charms are enough.
  • Hold and check if the charm pattern is okay.
  • Space the charms into three or more sections to bring out a neat and good look.
  • Slide down the charms without disturbing the pattern.
  • Clip the loose ends.

Can I sell a Pandora charms that had retired?

Yes. Selling your Pandora charm online is easy and convenient. You have full flexibility to sell your Pandora charms online.

Are Pandora charms expensive?

Not all Pandora charms are expensive. The price depends on the make of the material and its rarity. There are rare Pandora charms. These charms were produced in smaller quantities. Such retired Pandora charms are expensive. Some of the rarest Pandora charms are two-tone dragon charm, Canadian maple leaf, Christ heart charm, blue primrose path charm, royal church charm, holy grail charm, Le Forever Paris charm, etc.

How to check the authenticity of Pandora charms – retired?

You should first learn about the manufacturing style of Pandora. Pandora uses unique style for every type of its jewelry. Take rings for instance, there are two types of Pandora rings. They are statement rings and stackable rings.

Statement rings: The Statement rings have a bold look. They come with zirconia stones. Also, they are bright and eye-catching.  .

Stackable rings: The concept of stackable rings is that you wear multiple rings. They are smaller in size as compared to statement rings.

So when you buy a retired Pandora charm, you should recollect the above facts. If you find rings that do not carry these characteristics, probably they are not Pandora made. The only drawback with buying the Pandora charms that are retired is the authenticity. If you learn to spot it right, you can shop like a pro!