Everything You Need To Know About Aesthetic Dermatology in Downtown


Aesthetic dermatology, sometimes known as cosmetic dermatology, is concerned with enhancing a person’s look by addressing skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, and birthmarks. While some claim that it is not medical since it does not address underlying issues, advances in cosmetic surgery have demonstrated its usefulness in improving physical appearance. It primarily targets the skin on the face and is not restricted to celebrities or media professionals, since many people seek these operations to relieve psychological stress and boost self-confidence. Head to this page for downtown dc aesthetic dermatology services. 

What is aesthetic dermatology?

Dermatologists who are board-certified receive three years of specialized training in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. They do not need any more training to become “aesthetic dermatologists.” Dermatologists can specialize in either medical/surgical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, or both, depending on their training and interests.

Dermatology board certification guarantees a better degree of training and expertise in both medical and cosmetic dermatology. While some dermatologists specialize in medical or cosmetic dermatology, continuous practice is required.

How is it different from plastic surgery?

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have different training and practices. Plastic surgeons specialize in surgical operations and spend a significant amount of time in the operating room, whereas dermatologists operate mostly in clinical settings, focusing on skin health, and non-invasive medical and aesthetic procedures. 

Aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology can overlap, with both practitioners able to give treatments such as BOTOX and dermal fillers. 

How can it help you?

Blue light therapy efficiently heals acne by killing germs, while chemical peels aid in the treatment of problems such as eczema and blackheads. Liposuction eliminates extra fat, resulting in taut skin, and fat injections can be utilized to produce bigger lips.

Laser treatment can be used to treat spider veins by repairing capillary breakages and restoring the veins’ natural size. Furthermore, injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp has been found to encourage hair growth, providing a treatment for hair loss.

Botox efficiently lowers the size of skin pores, countering the dullness associated with aging. Cellfina, an aesthetic dermatology technique, is a proven cellulite treatment that eliminates the dimpling appearance. Consult a dermatologist for tailored guidance on particular issues.

Final thoughts:

Dermatologists are best suited to combine these procedures with skin care products, chemical peels, and laser treatments, utilizing their specialized expertise and training in skin care to get the best outcomes. For the best outcomes, find a board-certified dermatologist who frequently practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology.