Earnity CEO Dan Schatt: Mobile Payments Are Timely Payment Options


Gone are the days when people only pay using cash or card. These days, more people opt to use mobile payments as they are a safer, more convenient, and more efficient way to make transactions. As a result, more businesses worldwide also include crypto as a payment option. For businesses and individuals who want to learn more about this emerging fintech, Dan Schatt shares that Earnity is a community-based platform and marketplace where members can, buy, sell, earn, and learn about virtual currency.

As mobile payments become more popular, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate them into their operations. Doing so has many benefits, including increased security, convenience, and efficiency. Check out these three reasons why your business should consider implementing mobile payments:

1. Mobile payments are much more secure than traditional methods like cash or checks.

Mobile payments are updated with state-of-the-art security features such as end-to-end encryption, fingerprint authentication, and other means that prioritize an individual user’s privacy. These features provide a much-needed layer of protection for a customer’s private data, even for straightforward transactions.

2. Mobile payments are more convenient for both businesses and customers.

Mobile payments are a win-win for businesses and their customers. They can save time, money, and material resources by streamlining operations while providing more convenient ways to pay than ever before. According to CEO Dan Schatt, Earnity intends to empower everyone to have equal access to crypto and DeFi. One of the ways to do this is by encouraging more businesses to adopt this emerging financial technology.

3. Mobile payments can help businesses save time and money.

Mobile payments are a cost-effective way for businesses to streamline operations and reduce costs. With mobile wallet support, you can automatically issue refunds or process customer loyalty rewards with the tap of a smartphone. Instead of waiting for days, the exchange can be accomplished more quickly.

There are many advantages to mobile payments. And as fintech evolves, such payments will soon become a common choice for the public.