Don’t Know Any Programming? Here’s How to Make an App Without Any Programming Experience!Don’t know any programming? Here’s how to make an app without any programming experience!

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If you’re here, chances are you have an excellent app idea that you want to execute, but don’t have a computer science degree or any prior programming experience to make it happen. Well, if you don’t know where to start the process, we’re here to help you! This step-by-step brief guide is all you need to turn that app idea into reality. Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Conduct Competitive Market Research

Once you’ve found an idea, it’s time to validate it. You want to make sure the app has potential in the market before you invest all your time, energy, and money into sustaining it. Now, chances are, you’ll see many apps delivering the same results you want your app to deliver – but don’t be disheartened. There is always room for improvement!

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Your job at this stage is to do competitive market research on apps targeting the same niche as yours. You must explore the areas these existing apps lack and use those in your favor. Take note of the app name, and publisher, downloads, ratings, reviews, pricing points, feature set, versions, and last updates d to understand what not to include in your app and what to focus on. 

Understand the core features of the existing apps and identify what makes them unique., lLearn about the app publisher behind the app, learn about monetizing your app differently, figure out how often you want to update your app, understand the good and bad reviews behind the existing apps and then move on to validate your idea. 

Validating your idea requires you to break it down and understand the pitch yourself before moving forward with it. Does it sound profitable? Will people find it unique? Once you’ve got a clear picture, pitch the idea to your close friends and family and learn their feedback on it. Different perspectives will allow you to notice things you were missing out on. 

Understand tThe Feature Set You Want iIn Your App

Think about the perfect version of your app. Does it include specific features? Does it come with multiple USPs? Brainstorm, imagine, and jot down all your possible ideas on paper. Gather the basic business requirements and document every single detail to eradicate any possible confusion in the future. Align the features with the goal and strategy you have in mind. 

Design aA Mockup oOf Your App

Once you’ve identified the use and goal of the app, it’s time to think about designing it. Think about the functionality of your app. Will it be divided into multiple screens or sections? How many subsections will there be? Focus on the navigation of the app. It should be completely natural and easy to use. Will there be a slide menu or a drop-down bar to switch screens? How will the usability of the app be affected by certain elements?

Navigation, usability, and functionality – make sure to cover these three aspects at this stage. You can use Figma or sketch to design a mockup of your app.

Graphically dDesign yYour Aapp

Use the mockup to bring your idea to life with graphic design. This is where you significantly focus on the UI and UX of the app. Get a professional graphic designer on board to help you create a clean, attractive yet interactive app. You can either hire a freelancer toand share design references that you really like, look for someone in the tech industry with sufficient experience,  or find a site with pre-made design templates and purchase them. 

Strategize aA Marketing Plan

With millions of apps on the iOS App Store and Google Play store, you want to make sure your app stands out. A solid marketing plan is your way to that. 

Some strategies you can include in your plan pre-launch – Draft up a media kit for your app that includes vital information about the app, making it easier for journalism and the press. Build a landing page and create an email list for pre-launch notifications. Excel in App store optimization and document your progress throughout. Depend on social media marketing and build a community that anticipates the launch of the app.

Finally, Develop tThe App

Now if you don’t have any programming knowledge don’t worry! Yyou can partner with a web developer, hire a freelancer, use an app builder or simply pay a software development agency to create your app. Of course, all this comes at a cost, but if you do your research right, you’ll understand the cost is worth it. 

The Bottom Line

Make sure to test the app to identify any potential errors and bugs. It’s important to fix as many bugs as possible before the launch to make a wonderful impression. 

Now oOnce you’ve launched it, it’s time to stay on track with the feedback. Gather, learn and understand each feedback you receive about the app. It’ll help you understand what the users want and need. Make improvements constantly and update the app regularly to avoid bugs, errors, and crashes.

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