Check these top 5 reasons to use custom cake boxes on a special occasion


Different bakeries utilize different designs of cake boxes. These boxes can be found in any shape, color, and size. They may be rectangular, square, cubic, or any other shape. They can contain internal inserts, compartments, or placeholders. Windowpanes and handles can also be added to them. They are manufactured by using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Their materials include Kraft, bux board, and cardboard. These materials vary in thickness from 10pt to 28 pt. They are recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable. They can contain the name and logo of the bakery. They also contain product-related graphics and images. They come with textual details to describe cakes and the bakery. They may also contain printed drawings, artwork, or patterns. Their printing is done by using the latest technologies. Different types of coatings such as spot UV, matte, and gloss UV can help to enhance their visual appeal. Many other finishing techniques help to make them amazing.

There are numerous bakeries in the market. You should know that your cakes have to compete with them. When you are going to purchase cake boxes for your bakery on a special occasion, you should make sure that they are attractive and up to the mark. You must check the following 5 things while using customized boxes on a special occasion.

Windowpanes are necessary 

When you are going to use a cake box for presenting your cakes in the market, you must make sure that it contains a die-cut window. Do you know the function of the window? You should know that these windows can help to make your cakes appealing. They can let the audience see how you have arranged your cakes inside the box. They can attract more customers and elevate your sales. You can increase the catchiness of this window by creating a customized shape. A heart-shaped window or others can help to grab the attention of a lot of customers.

Small text and alluring design

You should understand that only alluring designs can set your products apart from the crowd. When you have to get custom cake boxes, you should make sure that their designs and shapes are uncommon. They should come in various elegant and attractive shapes. You must get them in uncommon and distinctive shapes such as pentagonal, heart-shaped boxes, gable boxes, and many others. You must print small text by using beautiful and stylish fonts. They should be easily readable. These features will help to make your boxes outstanding.

Printed content according to the occasion 

When you have to present your cakes on special occasions, you must customize your boxes. You should understand the nature of competition and try to win this battle by using your creativity. You should know that specialized boxes according to the occasion can win the attention of more customers. They can attract them to buy from your bakery. Therefore, you should make use of specialized boxes for presenting cakes on Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and other events. You must print the content according to the event. For example, you can print images of balloons, cakes, and candles for presenting birthday cakes. These specific effects can increase your sales.

Make it as fancy as possible 

You should know that cake boxes in UK are fancy and decent. They come in various types of coatings. Similarly, gloss coating gives them a shiny appearance. You should know that your packaging should also be as classy as possible. You must make use of coatings such as matte, gloss, or spot UV for making them appealing. You must also utilize other embellishments such as embossing, soft-touch, or foil stamping for making them fancy. Their fancier appearance will separate them from other brands and help to grab customers.

Never forget to promote your bakery

When you are going to get cake boxes wholesale, you shouldn’t forget to make it promote your bakery. You should know that all the bakeries make use of their boxes for advertisement and brand promotion. You should print your boxes with the name and logo of your brand. You must also include the list of different services and products that are available at your bakery. You must also describe why your bakery is the best one. In this way, your bakery will become popular in the market. People will identify it and come again for shopping

We have described 5 important things that you should check while using customized cake boxes. We have seen that these boxes must have die-cut customized windows for grabbing customers. They must also contain printed content according to the event. They must help to promote the brand and look fancy. These features will help to attract customers and escalate sales.