Common issues that impact sinology NAS devices: the ultimate guide to solutions

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The combination of technology and high resolution is quite lethal to external storage devices. The videos and photos now fill space faster on your laptop and phone and are another reason people constantly buy external devices. Moreover, if you forget the external device at home or office, there is no way to get the data and backup until you get your hands on the device.

Now, if you do not want to indulge in the challenges of traveling back and forth, then the next best solution is the Synology NAS device. 

For non-technical people, the Synology NA device may seem weird, but for others, it is a lifesaver. Remember, since it’s an external device, it must have issues such as a blinking blue light on a Synology NAS. But, every inch of a problem has a solution, and we will include important information. 

So let us dive into the details and check out the details along with the problems and solutions attached to them.

What is a Synology NAS device?

As the name implies, NAS stands for network attached storage. Synology is an appliance that is used as external storage for all laptops and computer systems. Combined, it is an external storage device that is connected to the network of laptops and PCs so that the concerned people can connect and have access to the data in it.

Storage capacity:

Most of the Synology models come with 16 TB or 108 TB. This capacity is enough to store many backup files; you can have total backup solutions for various softwares and rebooting systems. 

Additionally, you can store massive media and other documents as well. It all depends on the NAS model of the CPU architecture, which enables you to convert bits into TBs.

Problems with Synology NAS device:

Since the Synology NAS device is a piece of hardware, it is bound to have different problems. It can start from the device being unresponsive to connection issues. But the most common problem people usually face is the device’s blinking blue light. It is an indication that the motherboard has failed and, in relation, other parts won’t connect and work. 

However, check for other issues such as 

  • Power
  • Try to remove all other attached external devices
  • Remove all hard drives

Most people are unaware of this indication; hence they tend to either look online or find someone who can assist in diagnosing and fixing the problem. For others, they may try to do DIY.

Generally, it is good to hire an expert such as Gillware. The technicians are well versed and know how to solve the problem in the given time frame. 

Solutions to the issues of Synology NAS device:

If your Synology NAS device still has problems, then these can serve as the best possible solutions.

  • Always check the motherboard first. The blue light indicates that the motherboard is worn off or malfunctioned, and you have to replace it.
  • Secondly, the other solution is to fix the power supply of the NAS product. If your device’s power supply is not sending complete source to other parts than its, you have to get experts to work on that.
  • Thirdly, look at the other parts, such as fans and power supply units. If they are broken, then order online, or the technicians will replace them.
  • Lastly, if the device ceases to work, then see the hard drives. Replace them or take the entire unit to the experts.

Maintenance of a  NAS device?

First, make it a habit to check the notifications on the NAS device. You need to update it regularly to prevent it from malware and other viruses such as Qlocker and Qsnatch.

You will always log in to the NAS via a browser; hence you must have a password. Try to change the admin password daily or bi-weekly as the internet is a recipe for threats. Do this at the initial step to avoid further complications.

Create an individual user account for each person who has access to your NAS device. You can create access levels as, generally, no one shares all files and data with everyone. Make sure to give them permission as limited access only

Place the device in a call location and away from any destruction. Install supported softwares to get customer support in time for all problems. Moreover, always keep an eye on the warranty if any external device you use with it.

There are hundreds of devices available in the market that can attach your attention. But make sure to buy the most reliable one, such as the Synology NAS device. Moreover, if you encounter any problems such as blinking blue light on a Synology NAS, contact the best in this regard, such as Gillware company, and talk to the experts before making any final decision.