Common foot problems treated by podiatrists


I know what you’re going through. You’re experiencing pain with every step, your shoes don’t fit like they used to, and that nagging foot problem just won’t go away. In the world of ‘Mission Viejo foot and ankle surgery‘, I’ve seen it all – from the most common foot problems to the rarest. Let me guide you through this journey, as I introduce you to common foot issues that podiatrists like me treat every day. It’s not just about the physical pain – it’s about the emotional struggle of not being able to do the things you love. Trust me, you’re not alone, and I’m here to help.

The Common Foot Problems

There are three common problems that I see most frequently. They are bunions, plantar fasciitis, and ingrown toenails:

  • Bunions: This is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. It occurs when some of the bones in the front part of your foot move out of place.
  • Plantar Fasciitis: This is the most common cause of heel pain. It involves inflammation of a thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot and connects your heel bone to your toes.
  • Ingrown Toenails: This happens when the edges or corners of your nails grow into the soft tissue of the nail grooves, leading to pain, redness, and swelling.

Treatment Options at Mission Viejo

We understand that every foot is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of treatments tailored to your specific needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

For bunions, we might opt for nonsurgical treatments like shoe modifications, padding or taping, medications, and physical therapy. But for severe cases, a simple surgery might be necessary.

In treating plantar fasciitis, we usually start with conservative treatments like physical therapy, night splints, orthotics, and medications. If these don’t provide relief, we might suggest procedures like injections or surgery.

Most ingrown toenails can be managed with simple treatments like soaking the foot, wearing roomy footwear, or using over-the-counter pain relievers. But some might need a minor surgical procedure to remove part of the nail.

Take the Next Step

Don’t let foot problems keep you from enjoying life. The solution might be simpler than you think. So, take the next step. Get in touch with us at Mission Viejo foot and ankle surgery today. We’re here to help you put your best foot forward.