Finding gifts for women seems easy as there are a lot of options available in the market for women. But when one wants to sound unique, then finding gifts for women becomes a daunting task. As women are very particular about things and want something different all the time, you need to put a lot of effort in buying gifts for them at all occasions, be it their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas Eve. 

Christmas Eve is around the corner, and you must be looking for gifts for your loved ones. 

With a plethora of options available, you might find it challenging when searching for some unique gifts for women. But we have got you covered in this article. We have curated a list of items that you can choose to buy for the females in your life, be it your mother, wife, girlfriend or sister. Let’s dive into the article. 


A good perfume can win the heart of a woman. Every woman wants to smell good, so why not give them their favourite perfumes as a gift? These days there are a variety of options available in perfumes on the market ranging from brand to fragrance. Perfume sets are also available with two or three perfumes in combination. You can give this to your wife, girlfriend or sister. 

A cross-body bag

Bag has a very special place in the life of women. She needs to have a bag in which she can carry all her essentials. There is a variety of bags available on the market of different styles, size, brand and colour. But a cross body bag or sling bag has many benefits and is preferred over other bags. It is light-weight, easy to carry and quite manageable. They have different sections to keep essential items. There is a variety available in a sling bag as well, so you can choose according to the woman you are gifting it to. You can get this for your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend.

Jewelry keeper-

For women, their jewelry is very important, and they like to keep it organised. Every day keeping the jewelry in the organizer and then taking it out is very time-consuming. So to save her time, you can get her a jewelry keeper in which she can keep her daily jewelry in an organised way and can wear it on the go. This can be the best gift for your working wife or sister.

Spa subscription-

All the women in our life do a lot for us, be it a wife, mother or sister. This Christmas why not get them a spa subscription to a salon where they can go and enjoy some time and take a day off from their daily routine? It will be really refreshing for them. This would be the best gift. You can get a massage subscription also along with a spa. 

A kindle-

If your wife or sister is an avid reader, then instead of giving them books, you can get them a kindle. It will be eco-friendly, and they can have access to a variety of books anywhere. You can get a Kindle from online shopping websites at a reasonable price.


No wonder cake is the best gift option on Christmas Day. I cannot emphasize enough how important the cake is on Christmas Eve. You can buy her favourite Christmas cake and gift it to her. You can give cake to anyone irrespective of the relationship you have with that woman. Cake is such a wonderful gift item. You can order Christmas cake online. These days you can order cake online via gifting websites. They offer a variety of options in cake like simple vanilla cake, fruit cake, chocolate cake etc. You can customise the cake according to your preferences too. 

A musical instrument-

Musical instruments like piano, guitar, violin are extremely creative and great gifts for kids. Music is a source of inspiration and instruments help to increase concentration as well. You can get any such instrument for your kid to make them learn about music. These days there are colourful kids instruments also available at the market that you can get as a gift.

Stuffed toys-

Stuffed toys are very special for kids and are their favorite as well. Stuffed toys are harmless and kids friendly. You can get a variety of options in stuffed toys these days ranging from size to colour, from different characters to animals. You can choose according to the character your child loves. Make sure the material that is being used to make these toys is safe for kids and will not harm them in any way. Stuffed toys can be gifted to kids of all ages irrespective of gender.

I hope you got some inspiration and ideas from the above list for your kids. You can use your imagination to get something interesting other than this for your kids too.

I hope you found these items unique. So I would recommend you to choose one from the above and surprise your women. Also, a piece of advice I would like to give you is when you want to give something unique to your loved ones, choose those items that suit and relate to their personality. This will make your gift unique and helpful to them.