Can Kratom be considered to prevent excessive sweating?


For maintaining body temperature, the body throws out sweat. Sweating happens when we feel heat or the sun is over the head. The sweat evaporates from the skin surface and cools the surface. It is a very natural and crucial process for the body. However, some people find sweating undesirable when they sweat an excessive amount. After running on the treadmill for 15 minutes, people swathe with sweat. It is an example of excessive sweating, medically called ‘Hyperhidrosis.’ Excessive sweating becomes embarrassing in social gatherings as it leaves a patch on the clothes. Prominent online vendors like golden monk sell Kratom that can help you prevent hyperhidrosis.

What is Excessive Sweating?

When you are sweating more than other people in a situation where the temperature is high or while you are working out, it is normal, and you need not worry about this. Sweating is the natural response of the body to balance with the outside high temperature. Your sweating pattern can be different from any of your friends, and it is because each of us has a unique body, and the function also differs slightly. Some people sweat more quickly than other people. People having hyperhidrosis do not need any hot environment for sweating. They can sweat in any situation. Profusely sweating while doing nothing comes under hyperhidrosis.

About 1 to 3% of people are affected by primary focal hyperhidrosis. This type of sweating usually happens in the early stages of your life. It does not come under the belt of the medical illness and only causes excessive sweating in the person. It is localized and only affects a selected part of the body. Secondary general hyperhidrosis is a more serious medical issue in sweating, and it causes sweating all over the body. It is called secondary as its the result of any existing medical ailment. Amongst these two, the primary focal hyperhidrosis is more common in most people.

There are two sweat glands present in the body, the Eccrine and Apocrine glands. The eccrine glands are more in number than the apocrine gland. When multiple activities happen in the body, like muscle movement, hormonal rush, and fast metabolism, the body temperature goes out of control. Then the temperature needs to be stabilized back to normal. It does this by shedding off water through the pores of the skin. This process is ‘Thermoregulation.’ If this process halts or hinders, it leads to homeostasis. It is a critical condition wherein the body does not maintain temperature and temperature goes high as 50 degrees celsius. A high temperature like this can even take the life of the person.

  • Anxiety & Stress- When you are stressed, nervous, or panicking, sweat starts to drop from your forehead. When you have anxiety and start sweating, this is called ‘Nervous Sweating.’ It can happen when you are in the exam hall, sitting in a meeting with the boss, or on your first date. However, if you are suffering from prolonged anxiety and stress disorder, it can result in a new problem of excessive sweating. Lowering anxiety would tackle the problem of Nervous Sweating. Kratom is a famous tropical herbal plant that can reduce stress and anxiety by manifold. Mitragynine has opioid-like effects and has a strong influence on opioid receptors. Its antidepressant and antianxiety properties can uplift your mood and take you out of the trauma. Each strain of the herbal plant can help you to treat anxiety.

  • Diabetes- Diabetes is another disease that can cause excessive sweating to you. This disorder disturbs the balance of blood sugar in your body. The blood sugar level drops or gets high in diabetes and, the body releases adrenaline as a response to it. A high hormonal release of adrenaline causes sweating. Also, low blood sugar for a consistent time damages the nerves leading to neuropathy. The sweat glands are affected, and they release more or less sweat. Thus controlling diabetes is very necessary to deal with hyperhidrosis. Kratom can help you maintain your blood sugar level. It can significantly lower blood sugar levels and stimulate insulin activity. People who have tried Kratom need less dose of insulin. 

  • Obesity- Your Body Mass Index (BMI) determines your weight and health. When the BMI value exceeds 30 for any individual, that person is obese. Obesity could be one reason for excessive sweating, as obese people physically put more effort into getting their work done. The large mass of their body takes a longer time to cool down, thereby making them sweat more. Kratom is one way to reduce weight and get out of the obese group. Kratom itself does not directly engage in losing weight. It stimulates effects that trigger weight loss. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine works on the brain receptors and help you indirectly shed pounds. Thus, reducing your chances of excessively sweating.

How can Kratom help to control excessive sweating?

Kratom is a widely used opioid-like drug hailing from the Southeast Asian region. The leaves of this plant contain a chemical named mitragynine. Many times this plant is referred to by this name. The stimulant and sedative properties of this plant make it an exceptional herb. It has several health benefits for people, like it treats chronic pain, depression, anxiety and helps in opioid withdrawal. It is legal to manufacture and sell in the USA region. The American Kratom Association takes care of the safety and quality of Kratom products. With low doses, it shows the potential effect. And with high doses, it works like a sedative. Here is how it can contribute to preventing hyperhidrosis.

Conclusion When exposed to a warm environment or after exercising, all people experience sweating. It is very natural and healthy for the body to maintain the optimum temperature. It becomes a serious medical issue when you sweat excessively. However, there are ways to reduce sweating. One such way is the herbal plant Kratom, which offers numerous health benefits. It can help treat the causes which lead to hyperhidrosis. Taking a low dose of Kratom in any of its forms every day can help you fight the causes of sweating. It might eventually put a stop to your excessive sweating, but before incorporating Kratom into your routine you should get a guide to Kratom strains from an expert.