Best Tarot Card Printers List

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Decks of tarot oracle cards and sets of affirmation cards are examples of products that might be printed on demand. At a compound annual growth rate of 3.0% between now and 2030, the market for tarot cards is forecast to grow from its present worth of $1.20 billion.

This post will show you the best print-on-demand partners offering tarot card decks and affirmation card decks at affordable prices and with acceptable turnaround times, which will allow you to begin selling in this market segment at a cost-effective level.


WjPlayingCard is best tarot card printer in the market and they have proper Tarot card definition. The Tarot is sometimes referred to as “Nature’s Secret Library.” Popular in Europe since the Middle Ages, the tarot card pattern and tarot card order have been passed down down the ages in a very specific way. Tarot card readings have a way of illuminating the seeker’s inner workings and helping him better understand his own feelings. This explains why many individuals believe the tarot deck knows them better than they do.

As your understanding of the tarot cards and their meanings grows, you may find that you’d want your own deck of personalized cards. Indeed, WJPC is an excellent option for anyone seeking a bespoke tarot card printer.


QP Group, of which MakePlayingCards is a part, is a leading Hong Kong-based manufacturer of board games with more than 35 years of expertise in the field. The company’s 50-thousand-square-meter manufacturing facilities are staffed by 4,000 people and equipped with cutting-edge machinery, enabling it to satisfy the needs of 35,000 clients all over the globe every single year.

When it comes to print-on-demand goods for use with playing cards, MakePlaying Cards has the widest selection. Poker playing cards, trump cards, clear game cards, monogrammed decks, plastic cards, and card accessories including tarot velvet bags, drawer boxes, tuck boxes, card sleeves, card clips, rule books, stickers, and so on are also available.


After that is DropshipCN, which is the next step in the process. Print-on-demand company located in China that does not require a minimum order quantity in order to receive free international shipping on more than 800 different products, including clothing, bags, shoes, canvas prints, phone cases, stationery, home decor, drinkware, and watches, among other things (MOQ). This covers tarot cards that are rectangular, circular, or heart-shaped. Angel cards are also included. In the 10 years that it has been in operation, DropshipCN has expanded from operating out of a single factory to operating out of three factories and employing more than 150 employees to serve both small and major dropshipping enterprises.

The Maker of Games

The Game Crafter is a company that was established in 2009 with the goal of providing game designers all over the world with the resources they require to be successful. These resources include print-on-demand playing cards, tarot and affirmation decks, board games, and game parts, as well as communities of passionate individuals for getting feedback and crowdfunding projects. There are now as many as 288 thousand members on the site, in addition to 8,000 games that have been independently made and published and are available for purchase.


Thankfully, PrintPlayGames is here. It’s yet another American-based platform with a decade of expertise in the game printing industry. It allows you to make your own custom playing cards, tuck boxes, game elements, gaming boards, tokens, score pads, posters, booklets, and flyers with no minimum order size, in addition to print-on-demand psychic tarot cards (2.75′′ x 4.75′′). Since its inception in the United Kingdom in 2007, Aura Print has been committed to providing high-quality print-on-demand promotional items (such milestone affirmation cards and tarot decks) to customers all over the world. Names like Toyota, Kia, Pizzle Hut, Mecca, Toro, and many more have put their faith in it.