Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites of 2022

completely free reverse phone lookup with name


Once in a while or frequently, people get calls from an unknown or anonymous caller. But, with the help of modern technology, they don’t just wonder whose telephone number this is. But, they use any number finder they access to find the caller.

Previously, when an unknown caller calls, the receiver would think it was a prank call, a friend they lost touch with, a business partner, or even a stalker was calling them incessantly.

But, now, you can carry out a cell phone lookup. It can be done from your home, office, or anywhere you are accessible.

Most people intend to find out who their anonymous caller is looking for a free reverse number lookup. Using a free phone lookup tool can be good. But, you must go for a paid plan for intensive research and good data.

So, I’ve compiled a list of  completely free reverse phone lookup with name you can find in 2022. They are:

1 True People Search Fast

If you are looking for a reverse number lookup free tool that you can use, then True People Search Fast is exactly what you should go for.

 It is the best site you can visit to give you the answer you seek when you want to carry out a free phone lookup. It is pretty popular among users because anyone can make use of it.

You want to check when you visit the site and type in the phone number. They display the address, alternative contact, name, and other details of the person you are looking for. They are also helpful if you intend to carry out an address or email search.

When you carry out a free number search, the service provider helps you find data like contact information, current and past, age, physical address, and current address telephones. They also provide other names, aliases, possibly related friends and colleagues, social media profiles, etc.

True People Search Fast is a thorough, dependable reverse phone lookup service. Its user has rated it as a top reverse phone lookup tool. You should try it out if you are concerned about getting accurate information speedily and having a good experience in the process.

This site is also big on protecting the privacy of their user. A person you searched on will have no idea that you did that. They ensure that they follow industry best practices to safeguard their users’ data.

2 Intelius

The second free number lookup platform on the list is Intelius. It has access to an extensive database, making it easy for users to find exactly what they need each time a search is conducted.

People carrying out phone lookup free on this site and concerned about their privacy have nothing to worry about. Privacy of users and encryption of specific user information is guaranteed.

Even with how beneficial and good Intelius is, users have complained that the loading time of data sometimes takes a while. This can be annoying for users in a hurry who have no time to waste when carrying out a free phone number search. Users have to subscribe to access more elaborate data access, but the money is worth it.

They offer background checks, public records, address verification, social media monitoring, identity monitoring, protection, digital solutions, and data analytics.

Intelius has a paid option; you have to get full access to your caller’s identity when you pay and sign up with your email address. It is discouraging for people who want a free cell phone number to look up their name at no charge.

But, even their basic plan is significant enough for you to get basic details.

The responsiveness of their site has drawn many people to it. Anyone can easily navigate it without having to be knowledgeable in tech. They also have a comprehensive database.

Though their data delivery may take a while, it still stands out as one of the best when getting complete data is concerned.

3 Spokeo

If you want a tool to look up who called me from this phone number free, this tool can be used because although it is not free, it is affordable for anyone and inexpensive.

What stands out when it comes to this website is that it is designed by a professional who considers mobile and laptop users while designing. With the functionality of the website in mind, every user has a good experience.

The speed time of delivering data is quite fast. This means that users don’t have to wait long to get the information they need, especially in a hurry.

They also give out a free trial period to users and make it easy for users to opt-out if they have no intention of continuing with their membership via their website, where an opt-out page or email, membership can be canceled freely.

It’s interesting to note that one of Spokeo’s business differentiators is some of its profound web results for reverse phone lookups.

The organization can access deep web data using its own custom deep web crawlers. With their up-to-date technology, you can carry out a cell phone lookup and get good information on your caller.

Spokeo offers users a good experience while making it easy for people to find information. Their customer care service is available to help. Though the site has several data they are working with, they still prioritize users and ensure they get the information they need within minutes.

Also, it is one of the oldest number finders available since 2006 and still boasts millions of users. With the in-depth research they give users, they still ensure that their price is affordable for everyone.

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Final thoughts

There are several sites currently available that promise to help users find information on who their unknown caller is. The sites mentioned here are some of the best out there.

True People Search Fast boasts a good user experience and speedy data delivery. So, visit their site today. You will use their regularly updated database to find the answers you need when visiting their site.