Best QR Code Generators with Logo


Are you looking for ways to create dynamic QR codes for your company? Whether it is required for menus, flyers, brochures, or other marketing options, creating QR codes using the logo has never been easier. Here are the best QR code generators with logos to provide brand awareness and help your business gain recognition.


  1. QR Code Chimp

QR Code Chimp is the best option if you need to create mobile-friendly, omni channel campaigns. It allows users to create QR codes for business and marketing. It helps users create free customized QR codes online using images, logos, and bulk uploads, for any platform they need. Users can set the QR logo and color to align it with their branding. It is an amazing QR code generator with logo for different channels.

You can use it to create static codes in different ways using logos and colors. You can also create dynamic QR codes.


  • In just 5 minutes, you can generate cool QR codes
  • The QR codes generated are customizable with any color and shape to attract scans.
  • Offers QR code tracking for offline and online marketing

2. QR Code Generator

Decked with loads of experience, QR Code emerges an impressive tool to help people create and download QR codes in no time. It is available for free, but to access premium features, you should upgrade to the higher version. Some of its incredible features are the capability to display PDF, encode several URLs into one, assess scans and showcase analytics with data. 


  • The free version helps generate different codes, involving text QR codes, email QR codes, and vCard codes. You can also insert a logo in the QR code for brand awareness.
  • It offers functions like coding price list PDF and presenting a Facebook like button on the QR.
  • The QR cryptographs are customizable into any shape or color you want.


3. QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is a renowned QR code generator with a logo available for free. Many users are using it because of its incredible features. It includes a high-resolution QR code, colors, customized design, and a lifetime offer of innumerable scans. It is one of the best generators to create QR codes with logos.


  • Code generated with this tool is free and are available for commercial use.
  • It helps to generate QR codes with images, logos, and colors.
  • The generated QR codes can be immediately downloaded and used.

4. QRTiger

Those who want to create dynamic QR cryptograms, QRTiger works as a perfect option. The tool helps you amend the URL anytime and allows you to generate codes with logos. It helps churn QR codes which are customizable with any color.


  • It helps to create amazing custom designs which can be used as templates
  • You can monitor data and mix the generated codes for commercial purposes


5. QR Code API

Apart from the known generators, APIs are doing their best to be used to generate QR codes. In case you need to create QR codes on a massive scale, using QR code API is a great option. The API is available and highly scalable. It works on the Amazon Web Services. It helps to generate QR codes in batches, for instance, if you need attendees’ name tags.


  • It helps to create and scan codes online.
  • You can customize the codes with images, colors, and logos.
  • The QR codes are accessible in different formats like SVG, EPS, etc.

6. Go QR

It allows you to create codes for free. It offers good quality codes which can be used commercially. You can also create a code using any logo of your choice.


  • The QR codes are available in EPS, vector graphic, JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • You can create dynamic and static codes
  • You can also collect detailed stats and user location data using it.

If you are looking for an ideal QR code generator with logo, you should consider the above-given options. Whether you want to integrate it into your app or for your marketing, packaging, or any other form, it is one of the best ways to boost your branding techniques. So, go ahead and pick your favorite and start now.

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