AQRU Cryptocurrency Interest Made Easy


AQRU makes earning a passive income from cryptocurrency simple, safe and secure  for users all over the world by helping them invest in digital or fiat currencies and earning interest. The main difference from other competitors is how straightforward it is to open an account and start earning the highest rates of interest. With no lock-in periods or introductory rates, the AQRU platform is unlike any of their competitors.

In the next sections, we are going to tell you more about AQRU, how the app works and whether you can start using it or not. Share useful information like this and immediately start getting more visibility on your content with the help of Spotifystorm. Buy Spotify followers and get started now.

Spoiler: you can do so right away after completing registration. 

What is AQRU?

For many the opportunities that exist with the crypto market and the great returns they offer, have long been difficult to access, overwhelmed by the degree of complexity built into this sector.  With the many steps to access and manage accounts along with the technological knowledge that this is required, the barrier to entry remains too high for many users to gain entry to this market.
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This is where AQRU becomes a key player. The company was founded by Philip Blows and Digby Try with the goal of making investing easy and straightforward for anyone. Thanks to their investment and trading experience in financial markets, and expertise across Crypto and DeFi, they were able to create an app that offers up to 12% interest on users’ deposits. Better still, unlike their competitors, AQRU takes a transparent approach, with a “what you see is what you get” mentality, meaning you get the interest rate quoted over the entire value of your investment.

Additionally, it has also been very difficult for cryptocurrency investors to get access to the benefits offered by Decentralised Finance (DeFi) over the last few years. It is extremely complicated to handle crypto wallets, smart contracts, bridging of assets and transactions. This is where AQRU makes the difference with its simple and clear user interface meaning users can access the returns without the hassle.

AQRU gives customers access to some of the most attractive financial products that have  previously been tricky to access. Moreover, it offers a unique possibility for would-be investors to finally get exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

With AQRU, users will see their accounts generate monthly earnings that can be used for many different things, from paying bills or planning holidays. This is possible thanks to the approach that the team behind AQRU has decided to follow: offering some of the most reliable financial solutions in the crypto market to anybody and everybody..

Furthermore, AQRU makes sure that they generate a yield from some of the leading providers in the market. These platforms have been selected taking into consideration their audit histories and whether they handle large amounts of money on behalf of investors.

Finally, the yield generating strategies are constantly being monitored and reviewed by an experienced risk management committee which is one of the most experienced teams in DeFi. The goal is to ensure that AQRU stays ahead of all emerging market trends.

AQRU’s Mission

As mentioned in the introduction, AQRU wants to make it simple, safe and secure for users to get access to advanced financial solutions. The team behind this platform believes that everyone should be able to safely access high-interest gains from the cryptocurrency market. This is where AQRU is becoming a leader in the market.

AQRU’s mission is to provide users with the highest interest yields on cryptocurrencies using a secure, regulated platform. The platform has been launched with some regulatory exclusions, and AQRU is engaging with regulators in the jurisdictions that they’re operating in. As testament to this, they recently secured the licence for their Lithuanian entity. 

In addition, AQRU is giving people the chance to investors to make a meaningful difference in their finances. We have seen how real interest rates have been negative for most of 2020 and 2021. Things seem to be far from being ideal in traditional markets, this is where crypto is taking the lead by offering very attractive yields to investors.

Nevertheless, investing in cryptocurrencies has not been an easy thing. We have heard how platforms and wallets have been hacked, whilst regulators were struggling to offer the peace of mind that investors were looking for. Due to this reason, it has been very difficult for people to find clear alternatives to the lack of options in both the traditional and crypto markets.

As a solution AQRU is offering one of the most reliable platforms with bank-grade security for investors to invest in digital assets and receive yields in realtime on their investments. They will not only be able to beat traditional interest rates but they will also get secure access to some of the most innovative financial solutions in the cryptocurrency industry.

How to Use AQRU?

But how does AQRU work? First of all, you will need to create an account. This can be done in just a few minutes. As soon as the account is created and verified, you can start depositing funds. Users can deposit in traditional currency through bank transfer or credit card payment in Sterling (GDP) and Euros (EUR), or transfer cryptocurrency with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), USDT, USDC and DAI.

With this approach, you can also buy crypto currency. You’re then given continuous control over your funds, with no lock-in period, no catches, no questions. A secure and protected account for you to earn real-time high interest yields.

Secondly, you select the level of funds you want to invest in a particular product. Each investment product on the AQRU platform has its own interest rate return, paid into your account daily and tracked in real time. Better still and unlike other platforms, that interest rate represents your annual yield over the entire value that you invest. Different risks mean different rewards, but with AQRU you will always have control over your funds and account. You will ultimately decide the risk that you want to take and the reward that you want to receive for that risk. Users can earn a yield of up to 12% interest, paid daily.

Once you have selected an investment option, you can check in as often as you like on the web or through the app available on both iOS and Android devices. The interest you earn is updated literally every second. How often have you seen this approach in any traditional financial institution? 

Finally, if you decide that it is time to withdraw your funds, it’s as easy as when you deposited. You are in control. You can withdraw your money and interest to date without questions or catches. Remember that you can download an app to your mobile device or you can use a desktop version.

Final Words

AQRU is a cryptocurrency platform unlike any other, that makes it easy to get access to the cryptocurrency market in just seconds. Thanks to a secure solution, investors are easily able to earn interest in their cryptos in a few simple steps. Users can deposit fiat and virtual currencies and they can withdraw their funds at any time. The platform offers up to 12% yield and interest is paid on a daily basis.