An Exploration of Low Testosterone

Varicose Veins

One of the most infamous hormones is testosterone. It sounds quite manly and evokes images of muscles. Not only does testosterone fuel libido and muscle growth, but it also controls emotions and supports strong bones. A doctor may recommend injections, gels, or patches for a guy whose level has dropped below the usual range.  However, who exactly should get help is a matter of some contention. You can get testosterone therapy santa monica from a professional and seek their guidance. 

Testosterone and the Aging Process

Aging is associated with a gradual decline of testosterone, a phenomenon known as “andropause” or “male menopause.” In many males, this does not produce any noticeable side effects. Muscle loss, melancholy, and a lack of enthusiasm for sexual activity may be observed by others.

Physical Effects of Low Testosterone

Some males have noticeable changes due to low testosterone:

  • Less robust testicles
  • Enhanced bust size
  • Muscle atrophy (which occurs gradually over several years)
  • Hair thinning (which often develops over several years)

1. Low Testosterone Levels Negatively impact bones.

Although osteoporosis (also known as brittle bone disease) is more commonly associated with women, men are not immune to its effects. Testosterone deficiency is a common culprit. Bones may become more brittle, fragile, and thin when testosterone levels decline.

2. Sex Problems and Low Testosterone

Reduced testosterone levels do not necessarily prevent sexual activity, but they can make it harder for your brain and body to become aroused. Some men may experience decreased libido, while others may lose all desire for sexual activity. Having a hard time getting or keeping an erection? Low testosterone could be to blame.

3. Thinking, Feeling, and Testosterone

Subtle issues, such as shifts in mood, inability to focus, and a lack of energy, affect certain males. However, other health issues, such as anemia, depression, sleep disturbances, or a chronic illness, can easily create these symptoms.

4. Infertility and Low Testosterone

Testosterone is essential for spermatogenesis in men. Their sperm “count” may be low if their hormone levels are low. They might not be able to have children if they do not have enough sperm.

Low Testosterone: What is Causing It?

Lowered testosterone levels are most often associated with aging. Sometimes, the cause is a disease, such as

  • Adult-onset diabetes
  • Obesity in the liver
  • Issues with the pituitary gland
  • Damage to the testicles
  • Tumors

Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and steroid medications can also impact testosterone levels.

Is It Necessary to Test Yourself?

If your physician suspects your testosterone levels are too low, he or she may recommend a test.

  • Impairment of erection
  • Reduced sexual desire
  • Lack of sperm
  • a diminishment in stature, hair, or muscle mass

Testosterone levels may be checked if you suffer from a condition known to reduce the hormone.