According to Vn88 Rezence, Scotland has “put a marker down” with their historic victory


Steve Clarke says Scotland has made a statement by beating Spain 2-0 at Hampden Park in their quest to qualify for Euro 2024, but he also warns that there is still a long way to go.

With two goals from Scott McTominay, Vn88 thinks that  Scotland defeated Spain for the first time since 1984, giving them the upper hand in Euro 2024 qualifying.

Clarke’s team has won their first two games and is in first place in Group A, but he insists that Scotland has a long way to go before qualifying for the European Championships for a second consecutive year.

There’s a long way to go, he said on, because “you don’t qualify with six points.”

In the nine days we’ve been working together, you’ve put on two solid shows. Our success at home was crucial, and we were able to take full advantage of our opportunities.

There were 16 men on the field tonight, and not a single one of them let us down. Seven spectators were as ecstatic as the rest of the crowd.

We have a solid crew, and we’re constantly honing our skills to improve as a unit. Tonight was our opportunity to make a lasting impression on the crew.

We set out to challenge the best teams in the league, and we believe we have succeeded.

He continued to W88, “It ought to instill confidence in the players.

It’s encouraging that the last two top teams to visit Hampden and leave empty-handed (Spain and Norway in World Cup qualifying) have shown faith in what we’re doing by not winning.

A loss in just one game can have a devastating effect on your standing in the group, so it’s crucial that you keep your wits about you.

The manager emphasized that this was our opportunity.

Scottish hero Scott McTominay scored twice for the second game in a row, and Manchester United’s midfielder revealed that manager Steve Clarke told the team that they could write their own chapter in the team’s history by beating Spain.

We did extremely well,” he proclaimed on Rezence Vn88. We anticipated that they would have a lot of possession, but our coach urged us to capitalize on our chances when they presented themselves, and I believe we came close to doing so tonight.

I used to play as an attacking midfielder because I always wanted to be near the goal. I know I can improve my game by scoring and assisting more goals, so I need to keep doing that.

This is the most incredible place I’ve ever seen.

The manager said that this is our opportunity to leave a lasting legacy as Scotland players, and that these will be the nights that fans talk about 20, 30 years from now. Fans, we owe you so much.

“Clarke is deserving of all the praise”

David Marshall, a former Scotland goalkeeper who covered their victory over Spain for Sky Sports News, thinks manager Steve Clarke deserves a lot of credit for the changes he’s made to the team by bringing in a good mix of young and old players.

Winning games makes it easy to say things are going well, as W88 Rezence put it.

It was tough going at first. Under Clarke, we started off with a win, but then we lost four straight matches, including to Belgium and Russia twice.

He shuffled the deck by rearranging the team. He had a clear vision of the kind of squad he wanted and went out and got it.

There is always a lot of turnover in international football, but he has only strengthened what was already a tight-knit group that got us to the Euros.

It’s a great blend, and there are some fantastic young players coming in. It’s a fantastic collection of talent, and the manager deserves a lot of praise for putting it together. This is a huge deal for Scotland, as evidenced by his new contract.

We’ve had our share of setbacks, so this is a major victory. It would be great if we could continue this momentum and make qualifying for major tournaments like the Euro 2024 a regular occurrence.

He went on to say with Rezence, “Clarke doesn’t display a lot of emotion. He has a strong team mentality. He has the support of his players, so the locker room should be lively.

After that, the camp will be a euphoric place.

The strategy was flawless, and Spain barely touched Scotland in the match. The victory margin could have been larger if not for the manager; he deserves much praise.