A Step-By-Step Guide To Create Beautiful Scrunchies


Scrunchies are back and people are so excited to add the beautiful scrunchies to the wardrobe. The DIY scrunchies are amazing and you can easily create them with ends of fabrics. Want to know how to make hair scrunchie at home? Stay tuned and read the following points:

Scrunchie Sizes

Most people use standard size scrunchie. But there are different sizes are available to meet your needs and demands. Ranging from minimalistic, small, standard to big, you can easily get any size of a scrunchie in the market. The scrunchies are available in different styles and types. Moreover, the scrunchies are made up of different types of fabric, and fabric print. You’ll see some types of scrunchies made with different materials, different prints, etc. Steps to following while making scrunchies at home are described below:

Step 1: Fold Fabric 

If the fabric you have selected is worn out from the edges, then you should press it over one of the short ends. If your fabric frays, then press over one of the short ends by 1/2 inch (12mm) on the WRONG side. If your fabric does not fray, then you can easily skip this step and move on to the next one.

Step 2: Start Stitching 

You should fold the fabric lengths in such a way that the wrong side comes out. It is so because the right side will come out when you will finish folding. Now, seam the ½ inch and bring the loose ends together.

Step 3: Turn It Out 

By using the safety pin, you should try to bring out the right side. Firstly, fix the pin at the corner of the scrunchie and turn your pin around into the tube. Try the pull out the pin from another end of the scrunchie. This step is a little tricky! But once you will do it, then you will find it quite easy. When you will precisely follow all the steps which are mentioned below, then you can create beautiful scrunchies like silk scrunchies Canada.

Step 4: Press

Now, your scrunchie needs to be flattened by the press or using hands. If you are using cotton fabric, then you can give it a good press. On the other hand, if you are using Lycra fabrics, then you should give it try and flatten it out with your fingers. Make sure the seam is on the wrong side so that it is not visible after folding the scrunchie.  

Step 5: Thread the Elastic

Now, it is time to add elastic to the scrunchie. You can again use a safety pin to move the elastic inside the scrunchie. Attach the safety pin at the one end of the elastic and move the safety pin inside the hollow space of the scrunchie. With the help of a safety pin, the elastic will move inside the scrunchie.

Step 6: Stitch the Elastic

Now, the elastic is inside the fabric and your scrunchie is almost ready. You can either stitch the two ends of elastic or make a loop of them. It is important to stitch the end fabric so that elastic is not visible.

Step 7: Final Stitch of the Ends

Sew the ends of the fabric in such a way the elastic joint hide inside. Now, finally, feed the raw edge of the fabric inside the pressed edge. If you have used DIY scrunchie and do not have pressed edge, then simply put one end on another. You should overlap it by ½” to hide the raw edge.

Tips To Create Scrunchie Bow 

You can also use hot glue rather than sewing the scrunchie bow with your hair scrunchies. You can also create a scrunchie bow at home. First of all, take out the fabric scrap and make sure that the fabric pattern is matching or contrasting to the fabric you have used for making scrunchie. To create a DIY scrunchie at home, you should cut the fabric in large rectangular shapes. Now, fold it through the length and cut it from the center.

Finally, sew the two sides of the rectangle from the long side. Repeat the same process from another rectangle. Now, the pipe-like structure will be formed. Again, take the safety pin and turn the fabric inside out. Sew the ends of the two pipe-like structures. Sew these two rectangles with the scrunchie in such a way that they create a bow. 


There are various types and styles of scrunchies available in the market. You can choose the right one as per your choice. Well, you can also make scrunchies at your home. You just need needle, thread, elastic, old-fabric, and you are ready to create amazing scrunchies with your hands. Satin scrunchies are growing in demand and we recommend you to try it once at your home. You can give a twist to DIY scrunchies as you like.