7 Most Common Dental Problems And Solutions

Dental Problems

Tooth problems are widespread among both adults and children. There are many reasons behind dental problems, mainly the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars—the most common dental issues ranging from tooth decay to losing teeth with time. However, if you go to the dentist, you can prevent your teeth from damage and decay. 

The most common problems of teeth and their solutions are given below:

Tooth Decay

Dental cavities or tooth decay are the same things. There are many causes of tooth decay in which plaque is mostly responsible for it. The plaque will occur due to the bacteria which digest the sugar and other foods having the carbohydrate. So, you can face the problem of tooth decay after getting food high in carbohydrates. 

Hence, you need to go to the dentist for treatment. In this case, you can get the option of full arch dental implants to replace the teeth that are ultimately decaying. You can face the problem once in your life.  

Gum Disease

Another common problem with teeth is gum disease. Bacterial infection can also cause the condition due to the development of plaque in your mouth. And when you chew something, you can feel the pain in your teeth and the sensitiveness of your teeth. You can visit the dentist for dental implants of those teeth which are not working efficiently.  

Bad Breath

The following common problem of the teeth is bad breath. The dry mouth, infection, and acid growth in your mouth can cause bad breath. When your teeth are facing the problems of cavities and gum diseases, you can feel the problem with your breath. So, you need a dentist to instruct you to solve the teeth problem and help you relieve your breath. 

Broken Teeth

Another common type of tooth problem is breaking teeth or losing all teeth with time. The broken teeth can be caused by the chewing of hard foods or getting digested food with high carbohydrates and sugar, which may cause the weakening of the teeth and lead to the breaking of the teeth.  

Receding Gums

The receding gums include losing the teeth after getting itself worse. The receding gum can be caused by smoking, brushing your teeth hard, high blood pressure, and poor oral hygiene. The solution to the teeth is brushing your teeth daily and checking your teeth with a professional dentist. 

Root Infection

The root infection of your teeth can lead to other dental problems. Breaking teeth, cavities, and gum diseases can cause it. It can damage the nerve tissue of your teeth and cause other serious dental problems. Root canals can treat the problem of root infection. Your dentist will use aesthetics while treating your root infection to reduce the pain during teeth operation. 

Dry Mouth

Another common type of dental problem is dry mouth. Cancer treatment, nerve damage, and diabetes can cause it. And other medications can also cause dry mouth. You can treat the dry mouth problem by drinking water throughout the day and never letting your mouth dry for more than 6 hours.