7 Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Hair Health


Just like skin health, hair health is a matter of concern for many people.

While some people are born with naturally healthy hair, there are many others who struggle for it.

As a child, I was obsessed with long hair because one of my teachers had them. This made me begin my struggle for thick and healthy hair. Be it home remedies or medicinal supplements, I tried all of these. I ended up visiting the best dermatologist for hair in Lahore to improve my hair health.

After typing for years, I managed to attain my desired hair. From my own experience, I can tell that your lifestyle choices play a great role in improving your hair health. Yes, these minor lifestyle changes can improve your health to a greater extent.

Many people who struggle with hair health don’t know where they need to begin. If you also want to know what you can incorporate into your everyday routine, don’t worry I have got your back.

How to Boost Hair Health with Lifestyle Changes?

Here are some of the lifestyle picks that will make your dream hair come true.

1- Get Enough Zinc and Protein

Food choices are very important when you talk about good hair health.

Certain nutrients when present in your diet can help your hair grow well. These include zinc and iron. Making food choices that contain a good amount of these nutrients can help your hair grow.

There is enough research on the role of micronutrients in hair loss. So make sure to include the foods in your diet. Here are some of the best foods for hair growth:

  • Beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Lean meat
  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts

You can also consult your physician for recommendations regarding the inclusion of supplements in your diet to promote hair health.

2- Select Hair Products Wisely

Be it shampoo or conditioner, there are hundreds of options you come across while making a choice. However, these products don’t work with a one for all approach and everyone has individual needs. For this one needs to know them well to determine what kind of hair care products they need.

Know your hair and scalp type and choose the products accordingly. Further, don’t overuse any of these products to minimize the damage to your hair.

3- Be Gentle With Your Hair

You need to treat your hair gently, for all the reasons.

Be it the choice of hair care products or hair styling. The more you will keep your hair away from the chemicals and heat, the healthier it will be. So, yes make sure you don’t style your hair on a daily basis. Even if you style your hair daily, use hair protectants to minimize the damage styling brings.

This also includes choosing the hair dyes wisely. Harsh chemicals can wreak havoc on your hair health.

4- Manage Stress

When it comes to triggers that can cause hair damage, stress remains an important one.

Everyday stress is one of the controlling factors that involve your hair health. So, stress management can play an effective role in preventing hair falls. It begins with the identification of stress triggers and preventing them. Other than this, many stress management techniques can also play a role in stress management.

5- Wash and Brush Wisely

Many things can affect your hair health and this also includes your washing and brushing habits.

Just like overwashing your hair, over-brushing or wrongly brushing your hair can be damaging for your hair health without you even realizing it. Don’t brush your wet hair or brush your hair too frequently. Further, make sure to limit your washing frequency to 2-3 times a week. All of these habits can go a long way when it comes to keeping your hair healthy.n

6- Be Observant About Hair Changes

When it comes to keeping your hair healthy, your observation plays a key role. This is because many things are important triggers of hair fall. This can include crash diets, hormonal disorders, seasonal changes, hormonal problems etc and medicinal side effects.

You will only be able to figure out the cause of hair fall when you will know what’s getting changed in your everyday routine. This will help you cater for the problem early and minimize the extent of hair loss.

7- Other Lifestyle Changes to Promote Hair Health

Here are the other things that can improve your hair health. These include:

  • Do regular trimming of your hair after every 2 months
  • Massage your scalp regularly as it boosts your hair growth by improving blood circulation
  • Air dry your hair often

Bottom Line!

Your hair health is crucial for all these reasons. No matter what your age or gender, all of these tips can help you keep your hair healthy. However, if your hair fall goes uncontrollable then make sure to contact a physician immediately.