5 Things You Should Never Do If You’re Going Through a Divorce


If you’re going through a divorce, you need to avoid certain things to ensure that your divorce proceedings go as smoothly as possible. Certain actions can seriously hinder your divorce process and cause delays and unnecessary conflict. 

So, it’s important to keep these 5 things in mind when you go through your own divorce proceedings.

1. Don’t Forget to Change your Will

It’s always important to update your will when you get married and again when you get divorced. The divorce may not affect your spouse, but it could affect other family members who might inherit from you. 

Your will is the only way to ensure that the people you want to inherit are the ones who get what you have. Update your will now before anything else happens so you can be sure that all of your loved ones are cared for if something unexpected should happen. 

In this case, divorce lawyers can help you ensure a smooth divorce process while keeping your family conflicts aside. 

2. Don’t Dismiss the Possibility of Collaborative Divorce 

Dismissing the possibility of collaborative divorce can be a big mistake. When you are in conflict with your spouse, it’s important to consider all possible solutions for ending your marriage peacefully. 

Collaborative divorce is an alternative to litigation and can often result in more positive outcomes for both parties. 

A collaborative process offers some key benefits like it involves less time and money, eliminates the need to hire attorneys, and provides you with control over the outcome of your marriage dissolution. 

3. Don’t Take it out on Kids

If you have kids, don’t take it out on them. It’s not their fault that you and your spouse are splitting up, and they’re not to blame for the situation. They need your support now more than ever. 

That is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, consider asking a reliable friend or family member if they could take care of your children for the time being. This will help you sort things out and keep peace with yourself during that time. 

4. Don’t Feed the Emotions of your Spouse

The pre-divorce period can be an emotional time for both parties. Consider the following tips to help you avoid feeding your ex’s emotions and improve the chances of reaching a fair agreement with them. 

Remember, it’s not about who is right or wrong. Rather, it’s about what is best for everyone in the family. 

  • Don’t take anything they say personally. 
  • Don’t react to their anger with anger of your own. 

5. Keep your Plans for the Future Private

It’s tempting to tell your friends and family about your plans for the new chapter in your life, but it’s recommended to keep them private until you’ve had time to consider the different options available. 

It can be hard not to discuss the plans with the ones close to you, but if you make decisions too quickly, you might end up regretting them later.