Soul App Releases Report on Gen Z Socializing Behavior:Camping Trips Trending as a New Fashion

Soul App

The summer vibe is coming back, riding on heat waves and hot winds, with lemonades shining under the sunshine and ice cubes crackling in the glasses. Every signal is telling us that the summer holiday is coming and traveling is a hot topic in the office again. Recently, Soul App jointly released Generation Z Camping-style Social Networking White Paper with Taobao. This report is based on a thorough survey of how Gen Z spends their summer holidays. Gen Z, who is gradually growing into the main force of consumption, is embracing a new trend of socializing, camping trips. 

Camping-style socializing means making friends with like-minded companions through camping, which can be depicted in the animation Laid-Back Camp. As is revealed in the report, camping trips ranked top in Gen Z’s choices for traveling and have also become a new fashion of socializing among the younger generation. 

During this survey, 2759 questionnaires were submitted, which involved a total number of 3068160 interactions and engagements. These findings are strictly drawn on the analysis of user behavior in the Soul App. There are many intriguing findings in the social behavior of Gen Z, as can be indicated by research data. 

Camping trips bring those who share similar interests and common topics together

The choice of companions is crucial to a pleasant camping trip.  In general, Gen Z expects to find companions with matching personalities and similar interests. Data from the white paper shows that most of the participants agree that common interests are the prime considerations in choosing a camping companion. 82% of the Gen Z camping lovers shared their interests during the survey, among which cooking ranked top, followed by rock-climbing, music, cycling, and fishing. These skills reveal the colorful side of their life while leading them to those with common topics.

One of the unexpected findings is that Gen Z camping lovers would view zodiac signs as a guide to meeting the ideal camping companion. A recent survey in Soul App shows that a Virgo beats a Leo to rank top on the camping companion blacklist for some of the traits typically related to a Virgo. 

Gen Z takes the chance of camping trips to foster long-term relationships

As can be indicated by research data, 78% of the participants said that they were more likely to develop closer ties with friends they met during camping. Growing up as inhabitants of the Internet, Gen Z spends most of their time on online social networking in their adolescence. They may have a deeper desire for companionship and recognition when socializing. They do not want to make casual friendships, nor do they want to limit their social life to existing circles. Therefore, camping trips are chosen by many as a way to escape from daily chores and encounter new friends.

Although camping is a relatively short trip, those camping lovers would take it as a chance to foster long-term relationships. Camping provides an environment where free communication can be granted. Any relevant topic is open for discussion for everyone in the camp field and quality communication is welcomed. 

Diversified attitudes towards life and socializing are observed in camping trips

Camping-style socializing reveals Gen Z’s diversified attitudes towards life. For instance, animal companions are welcomed in camp fields. Nowadays, pets are playing increasingly important roles in homes and young people would love to share the joy of camping with their pets. In Soul App, dogs like Shiba Inu and Husky are heatedly discussed by users as the most popular animal friends in camp fields.

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Data from the white paper revealed that Gen Z had higher demands on life quality. They would make careful plans and preparations before starting a camping trip. Some Gen Z users shared their experiences in preparing necessities like tents, camp lights, and mattresses. In terms of food, the preference for camping meals also varies from region to region. Users from northern areas tend to pack small barbecues for meats and vegetables while sandwiches and pizzas are also popular choices.

Nowadays, camping trips are recognized by Gen Z as a way to escape from urban life and get close to nature. Camping in nature provides them an environment to enjoy the landscapes and spectacles that are different from the views they see every day. Most importantly, they can communicate with other travelers sincerely in a stress-free environment, and thus build high-quality social relationships. 

This also coincides with the philosophy of Soul App, a social networking app characterized by its innovative social experience and gamified product design. Currently, 73.9% of Soul’s DAUs are from Gen Z. On this social networking platform, young people enjoy the liberty to express their ideas, develop their interests and find friends with similar values. Soul App will make continuous efforts to carry out its mission of creating a social metaverse for the young.

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