Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy


Do you really need a Digital Marketing strategy? I think yes, based on the conclusions of many studies, 25% of all internet users are using adblockers. The growth of electronic commerce is due to the growth of e-commerce sites that are increasing by 25% year by year. Well, these are just some reasons I mentioned but there are other important reasons Digital marketing is what drives your business into tomorrow’s market. Digital marketing has proven to be the best way to reach consumers and attract them to your brand. I am not talking about general marketing strategies, because we all know that ads on TV, radio, billboards, and magazines do not work. I am talking about a holistic strategy that encompasses all channels and specific tactics you should take advantage of.

The need for digital marketing strategies is a new reality. Digital marketing strategies are no longer an option if you are trying to run a successful business. Let me be clear, digital marketing is not just internet marketing, it includes traditional media as well. A digital marketer or an online marketer should have a solid knowledge of the fundamental principles of digital marketing.

Whoever you are in marketing, this very insightful article about the key elements of a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2021 is for you.

What is a digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is simply a set of rules you follow on your journey to generating sales through online channels. Or, put another way, it’s a how-to manual. Anything done without a strategy or purpose is just floundering around with no direction or place to begin. It is, first and foremost, an actionable plan of on how to grow your business through the use of digital tactics. While the buzz on social media might lead you to believe that social media marketing is the be-all-end-all answer to business growth, it’s not. You can have your most popular Instagram post ever, but if you don’t have a great product or service, you’ll still lose money.

Who needs a digital marketing strategy?

Who needs a digital marketing strategy? The answer would be anyone who is serious about running a business.

As a digital marketer, I get asked this question frequently, “Do I need a Digital Marketing strategy?” It’s understandable that people might ask this. Everyone is looking to get ahead of the competition. You can see the benefits of using digital platforms to grow your business, but how do you get started? How do you make sure you are using your time and resources wisely?  SEO is constantly changing and if you aren’t ready for it, it could spell disaster for your business. If your business doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy in place.

Is your business ready for digital marketing?

If you are an independent business owner, freelance work or just because you are running a startup online, digital marketing can be really confusing! You have no idea what to do or where to start. We’ve been there.

A business without a digital marketing strategy has no place in the market. It has become the need of the hour for any business to advertise their services or products online. If you are thinking about making some changes to your website, you better get on it today because tomorrow would be too late. A new report by Google suggests that businesses that don’t adjust their marketing strategies to the online world will suffer.

If you still think you don’t need a digital marketing strategy, then it’s time to wake up and smell the digital coffee. The once anarchic marketing space is now a fully-fledged fundamental element of business strategy. In an increasingly demanding, competitive, and fast-paced business world, businesses must adapt as best as they can, as quickly as they can.

What is the purpose of a digital marketing strategy?

What’s the purpose of a digital marketing strategy? The standard answer would be: to increase sales & revenue. But as we all know, such one-dimensional thinking has been left behind by past generations. Its purpose is to scale your business while minimizing the cost that it takes to get new customers. You can basically run your entire business while spending very little on advertising costs

How much does a digital marketing strategy cost?

Digital Marketing strategy is a concept of planning, building, running & making changes to the digital marketing campaign at the same time. It allows you to have a clear idea of your business goals and how you are going to reach there. The cost of Digital Marketing is decided based on the performance-based elements including raw material, human resources, market strength & media. The costs against digital marketing costs grow as fast as the expenses gathered. This is why it is important to budget and think about what you want to accomplish as a business as this is where your money will be going. It is still an ongoing debate whether we should invest in paid digital marketing strategies or not. However, it has been proved that one cannot exist without the other unless you want to use social channels and your online profiles only.


The world of digital marketing is a fast-moving one. The latest trends seem to be changing by the hour, day, or perhaps even the minute. It is essential that you keep up to date with all of the latest trends and technologies, not only for your company’s sake but also for your own too. A well-done digital marketing strategy is as important as strategic planning as defined in Business 101. It takes experience and skills to do it right, so don’t try to go at it alone