6 Common Reasons To See A Podiatrist


Foot and ankle issues could be due to chronic health concerns such as diabetes or arthritis. However, even everyday situations like poorly fitting shoes or overuse can result in temporary, acute discomfort. You will likely obtain a speedier diagnosis and care recommendation for an Alamo Heights podiatrist. Podiatrists offer a wide range of medical attention for ankle, foot, and lower leg issues. These doctors diagnose and treat foot conditions, and, if necessary, perform surgery. Here are some common concerns your podiatrist can help you fix.

  1. You have Flat Feet

Fat feet refer to feet that lack a good arch in the middle. This condition is something individuals are born with or develop because of incorrect footwear or an injury. Whatever the case, flat feet may wreak havoc on your feet’s health and lead to uncomfortable symptoms.

Therefore, consult a podiatrist if you experience foot discomfort or suspect that you might have flat feet. Even if you do not have symptoms now, you may develop them in the future. Your podiatrist will educate you on preventative care to help keep your feet healthy for years.

  1. You Experience Discomfort In Your Heels

If you experience heel discomfort, you might have a foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. This heel discomfort manifests as a shooting pain right after waking up or sitting for long periods. Seeking prompt treatment is crucial as this foot condition worsens with time.

  1. Past Injury Is Causing You Problems

Everybody suffers injuries from time to time. Once these injuries heal, you forget about them. However, numerous injuries can lead to recurring or long-term effects like chronic pain. If an old injury is a possible reason for your foot discomfort, consult your podiatrist for a proper diagnosis.

  1. You Have Diabetes

People who have diabetes have to be extra careful with foot care as they are more susceptible to losing sensation in their feet and developing wounds and ulcers that can cause infections. Diabetics are particularly at an increased risk of amputation. Therefore, if you have diabetes, whether or not you experience symptoms in your feet, regularly visit a podiatrist for a more comprehensive assessment of your feet.

  1. You Have an Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail is more than simply a minor discomfort. Often, ingrown toenails become infected, and require medical attention. Visit your foot doctor if your ingrown toenail does not resolve in several days or if the symptoms include discharge, burning sensations, or redness from the affected area.

  1. You Have a Foot Deformity

Numerous individuals are born with foot deformities or acquire them because of injuries. If you have a foot deformity or sustained a severe foot injury at some point, it is crucial to visit the podiatrist regularly. Continuous care and monitoring can keep the injury or deformity from causing further damage to your foot’s health and functionality.

Caring for your feet is important as it can directly affect your general health and lead to more serious issues. Leaving yourself to suffer through foot discomfort and other foot issues could greatly impact your life quality. In fact, it can restrict your activities, such as exercising, walking, working, or playing. Therefore, if you suspect you have an issue related to your feet and ankles, arrange a podiatrist visit immediately. Your foot doctor will provide you with a definitive diagnosis of your concerns and suggest the most suitable care plan.